A touch of France

In France we love culture. Be it food, wine, film or fashion; there is a trend and focus towards living life to its fullest. One thing that unifies all of us around the globe is a love of food. No matter what country you visit there are signature dishes, techniques, unique palettes and individual customs for you to try.
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Local Business Awards Winner - North Shore
ganache patisserie and french castlecrag patisserie in sydney

What we do at Ganache Patisserie:

Food forms a hugely important pillar of the Australian culture and Ganache Patisserie brings a little of the cosmopolitan style along with rich bold flavours so you can experience a little European flair in your day. From hot to cold; savoury to sweet; snacks to speciality cakes; Ganache Patisserie is a French Castlecrag Patisserie that provides only the finest quality pastries and sweets, lovingly created by master patissier Didier Sockeel and his team.

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Elma img MacCollough

Ganache is where I lavish myself with all my favorite sweet treats. The taste is like heaven in a bite. If you ask me, Ganache is where the sweetness is.

Dan img Dickau

The delicacies of Ganache make me feel guilty for enjoying myself so much…haha. I’m too old for sweets, I’ll admit it, but everyone has a sweet tooth, right? Many bakeries don’t bake cakes and tarts like they used to, so Ganache has been a great find!.

Luke img Jackson

Who would not love Ganache? Great food, great people in here, I have a great time in this charming place. The goodies are freshness guaranteed. I love the experience.


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