A touch of France

In France we love culture. Be it food, wine, film or fashion; there is a trend and focus towards living life to its fullest. One thing that unifies all of us around the globe is a love of food. No matter what country you visit there are signature dishes, techniques, unique palettes and individual customs for you to try.
Local Business Awards Winner - North Shore
ganache patisserie and french castlecrag patisserie in sydney

What we do at Ganache Patisserie:

Food forms a hugely important pillar of the Australian culture and Ganache Patisserie brings a little of the cosmopolitan style along with rich bold flavours so you can experience a little European flair in your day. From hot to cold; savoury to sweet; snacks to speciality cakes; Ganache Patisserie is a French Castlecrag Patisserie that provides only the finest quality pastries and sweets, lovingly created by master patissier Didier Sockeel and his team.

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