A touch of France

In France we love culture. Be it food, wine, film or fashion; there is a trend and focus towards living life to its fullest. One thing that unifies all of us around the globe is a love of food. No matter what country you visit there are signature dishes, techniques, unique palettes and individual customs for you to try.


Must be the best kept secret of the patisserie scene. Have never seen them get mentioned in any top cakes & pastry lists from all the "lists" sites, but this is my favourite place on the North Shore for cakes & treats for special occasions for many years. Manz

Katie M.

Love Ganache! The best bread, desserts, cakes, croissants and coffee 🙂 Katie M.

Elizabeth R.

Absolute sensational sweets and cakes...must have when visiting NSW... Elizabeth R.

Georgina R.

Been having almond chai latte's at Ganache for some time now, and I cannot find a better chai latte ANYWHERE in Sydney! Thanks Eddie, Didier and the rest of the gang! I miss being able to eat all their delicious pastries, pies, cakes, et al, as I'm now gluten & dairy free. But just sitting in the cafe and soaking up the atmosphere is fantastic!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Georgina R.

Adam B.

Excellent! Trustworthy, so very good at what they do and they actually care about you as a customer. Adam B.

Maria W.

The most beautiful cakes that are also so tasty! The chocolate Macadamia is my favourite, but the cafe is also amazing for brunch. Maria W.

Vivek G.

Didier and his team..I want to greatly thanks you guys for the awesome cake and quiche (sweet and savoury) you guys did for my baby birthday Vivek G.

David R.

Truly authentic patisserie with amazing croissants and cakes!!! David R.

Grace P.

Amazing little cafe. Got some takeaway treats and a baguette. So so good! Grace P.

Stefano B.

Outstanding and authentic French bakery. Love the crossaints here. Stefano B.

Issac E.

Sneaky little chocolate cake before lunch - great display cabinet in here and was hard to pick which I'd eat first. We got the cake, a friand and a juice all for $12. Great value and would highly recommend. Issac E.


Ganache Patisserie is a lovey French patisserie in Willoughby which offers a variety of pastries, croissants, breads and colourful little cakes. Leon

Ian C.

I can honestly say I've never had better cakes than those from Ganache Patisserie. 
The catering menu is all absolutely delicious as well. Ian C.

Alex D.

I am a massive fan of their croissants and regularly buy 7 of them for the family....even after a few days I put them in the microwave for 9 seconds and the croissants are still good. Alex D.

Jack Y.

The cakes are absolutely sensational. I drive 1 hour to visit this place everytime i need a cake. Would also highly recommend the macarons. Jack Y.

Tony Y.

Their almond croissants are superb. Get there early as the popular items sell out quickly! Tony Y.

Bendeguz D.

One of the finest patisseries in Sydney, the food here is absolutely phenomenal: the cakes, the baguettes, even the most humble meat pie is delicious. Bendeguz D.

Nicholas T.

I have been a regular customer for going on 4 years. The food is amazing, and the staff are fantastic people. Nicholas T.

Ben E.

Been coming here for years. It's an amazing patisserie with top quality bread and treats. It's like a little touch of France on the North Shore! Ben E.

Colleen L.

Definitely the best patisserie in Sydney! Lovely staff and always my go to place for special occasions. The choco macadamia cake and mille feuille are my favourites. Also highly recommend their catering! Colleen L.

Onur T.

Real French-style tastes are here and surprisingly the prices are affordable. Onur T.

Janelle J.

A lovely local business, I hope it never changes! Coffee and baked goods superb Janelle J.

Joe C.

Great produce everything is made on site Joe C.

Allison F.

Sneaky little chocolate cake before lunch - great display cabinet in here and was hard to pick which I'd eat first Allison F.

Angelo P.

One of best French patisserie Angelo P.

Coleen L.

I’ve been visiting here for years and their cakes are the best in Sydney!! Choco macadamia, black forest and lemon raspberry are our favourites. Highly recommend ordering your special occasion cakes and catering here and the staff are amazing Coleen L.

Rachel S.

So impressed with the Macadamchoco cake. Presentation was great and had the right balance between the praline and mousse. The mcadamias were a lovely addition. Large was more than enough for 10 people and went down a treat. Could stretch further but so delicious you wouldn't want to! Rachel S.

Elma MacCollough

"Ganache is where I lavish myself with all my favorite sweet treats. The taste is like heaven in a bite. If you ask me, Ganache is where the sweetness is." Elma MacCollough

Dan Dickau

"The delicacies of Ganache make me feel guilty for enjoying myself so much…haha. I’m too old for sweets, I’ll admit it, but everyone has a sweet tooth, right? Many bakeries don’t bake cakes and tarts like they used to, so Ganache has been a great find!" Dan Dickau

Luke Jackson

"Who would not love Ganache? Great food, great people in here, I have a great time in this charming place. The goodies are freshness guaranteed. I love the experience." Luke Jackson

What we do at Ganache Patisserie

Food forms a hugely important pillar of the Australian culture and Ganache Patisserie brings a little of the cosmopolitan style along with rich bold flavours so you can experience a little European flair in your day. From hot to cold; savoury to sweet; snacks to speciality cakes; Ganache Patisserie provides only the finest quality pastries and sweets, lovingly created by master patissier Didier Sockeel and his team. Browse our website to see our wide range of French styled goods that can full fill any number of needs and satisfy the most difficult of palettes. Come in for a coffee and try our fantastic cakes and tarts for yourself. You can even book an appointment with Didier himself to taste the flavours of France that Ganache Patisserie will bring to your world. If you are looking for a French Patisserie in Sydney, look no further than Ganache Patisserie at Castlecrag.

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