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10 Healthy Kids Birthday Cakes

Healthy treats for kids parties

The National Health & Medical Research Council in Australia has now come out with some new guidelines that childcare agencies will have to follow with reference to hygiene rules. Among all the changes, there is also a ban on blowing-out candles on any communal birthday cake. The suggestion is that parents should send separate cupcakes on which the candle can be placed. This avoids germs from being blown over the cakes.

That’s as far as it goes for communal birthday cakes, but very frankly, the tradition of having a birthday cake and blowing out the birthday candles is not a pleasure that any child would like to give up anytime soon. Children’s birthday parties are no longer quaint celebrations that are enjoyed with just a handful of very close friends and a basic plateful of fairy bread.

Health and Tasty food

Today, the demand is for elaborate and fancy birthday cakes, but the focus is also on health and a larger number of parents are now baking and asking for healthy cakes for their kids’ birthdays. Baking healthy cakes is a lot about substituting/reducing some ingredients such as butter, oil, sugar & shortening or maybe cutting down on the glaze or frosting.

Ten Healthy Birthday Cakes:

Every child looks forward to his/her birthday cake and so if you are planning on taking the health route, you have to ensure that there is no compromise on the fun and taste quotient. Here are some healthy birthday cakes that are as healthy as they are delicious:

All-Fruit Cake:

This cake is made almost-entirely out of a variety of fruit. The cake can be baked with a larger percentage of oats and should be topped with yogurt and fruit. The cake can also be frozen for a few hours before serving if need be.

Chocolate Yogurt Cake:

This is a basic chocolate cake that is made from gluten-free flour & yogurt. It’s heavier than a sponge cake but perfect when topped with a low-fat cream and chocolate frosting.

Pineapple Honey & Carrot Cake:

It might be difficult to get kids to eat a healthy carrot cake, but not if it’s sweetened with honey and canned pineapple. It might sound like a weird combination but it is healthy and a lot of fun too.

Banana Layer Cake with a Fudgy Frosting:

Adding banana to a cake tends to add moistness and softness to it. Even if you reduce the quantity of milk, cream and butter, the little ones will still love it. The fudgy frosting might get altered a bit but you can embellish it with chocolate shavings or fruit as required.

Strawberry Cake:

This is a super-healthy cake that uses no sugar at all. It can be made with plenty of strawberries, honey and almond meal or just almonds. And all kids love eating strawberries!

Ice Cream Cake:

Make a low-sugar content ice cream and then top it with fresh fruits that have been drizzled with honey. This could be one of the more popular cakes to try if your kids aren’t that receptive towards some of the other healthier options listed here.

Vegan Fig & Rhubarb Cake:

Bakers should keep in mind that sweetness can be incorporated into baking without actually using any sugar at all. It’s possible to use seasonal ingredients like rhubarb and figs that have a natural sweetness to them. You can do away with the sugar completely or add just a little if you want to.

Chocolate Banana Mousse Torte:

This is also a hot favourite on the health front. It’s a mousse but made out of avocado, which makes it amazingly healthy and tasty too.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake:

This one might sound unconventional, but it’s a great way of disguising zucchini (which you will not be able to get your child to eat otherwise). It is a Bundt cake that can be sweetened with applesauce and a milk and cocoa mixture and a little bit of sugar.

Ginger Pear Upside-Down Cake:

Using sweet and juicy pears in a cake is a great way of cutting down on the sugar. You can go easy on the butter too as the pears will lend softness to the cake.

Picking the Cake that best suits your child

Okay, so we understand that most kids probably aren’t going to be thrilled by the news that you want to get them a healthy birthday cake. Very simply, if you use your creativity and ingenuity, it’s not too difficult to come up with a healthy kids birthday cake that will be delicious down to the very last slice. Let your kids say goodbye to the sugar high and let healthy and tasty cakes make them give you a high five!

If you are looking for a birthday cake, be it a healthy option or something a little more naughty and for either children, adults of both, we would encourage you to have a look at our range of yummy cakes. You can do this either via our website or by popping into our French Patisserie at Castlecrag Sydney.

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