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2014 North Shore Business Awards Winner

Ganache Patisserie is 2014 North Shore Business Awards Winner for Bakery/Cake Shop category

How it started

The Ganache Patisserie journey towards the 2014 North Shore Business Awards started with a simple letter in the mail back in July, informing us about the awards and what they meant. We also received some leaflets which asked customers to fill out and send back to Precedent (the company that organises these business awards) to tally the response from our customers.

Becoming a finalist

Due to an incredible response from our beloved customers, a letter followed a few months later, telling us we were a finalist in our category. That category being of course, Bakery/Cake Shop.

That I took a bit more seriously and answered the questions asked and explained a few more details about what Ganache is all about, the choice of goods, a friendly and personal service, participating in a lot of charity and community events (schools, market, fundraising), around the Castlecrag area in Sydney where we are located. Our flexibility and willingness to deliver orders taken quite late and the freshness of our product, I believe helped us greatly with the Business Awards.

The Business Awards Night

The presentation evening was well organised and catered for. Until Ganache Patisserie was called as a winner in our category I was presently surprised and to go on stage, do a little speech, receive the award, have photos taken; I was gobsmacked!

Ganache Patisserie Business Awards Speech Ganache Patisserie receiving the Business Award Ganache Patisserie Business Award photos

What this means to me and Ganache Patisserie

It means that after 14 years in business, there is still a lot to do and it will encourage me to do a better job to please people as it when they buy a simple pie or to get a bigger cake or for that special occasion. Every day is to start again and always deliver the best possible quality.

I feel very humble and still love my job like the beginning, and with the team who work on my website on the weekly basis try to make Ganache known a bit further than the north shore, there will be opportunities for further growth.

A very big thank you to each and every person that voted for Ganache Patisserie during the North Shore Business Awards and helped us take out the top Bakery/Cake Shop of 2014.

Kind regards,
Didier Sockeel
(02) 9967 2882