August 2014

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Chocolate Cake at a kids Birthday Party No matter how you look at it, chocolate is a cast iron crowd-pleaser. The young and most of the not-so-young might digress once in a while from the chocolate trail but will come right back on track before too long. That is the magic of chocolate, it is pure sin and one that most people would like to indulge in over and over again! Chocolate will be consumed in various forms, but it is undoubtedly the reigning monarch of the cake world. Especially, a birthday cake is one that has to be made of chocolate. Birthdays and chocolate cake go hand-in-hand.

Yummy pastries ready to be eaten Viennoiserie refers to the class of baked items that include popular products like croissants. This is a classic French method of pastry baking and requires a great deal of practice and skill which is a time consuming process. Traditionally, the butter and dough is layered and rolled over 3 days and baked fresh in a range of flavours, fillings and shapes. Pastry lamination is a staple in many bakery products. Its most recognizable feature is the chewiness of a delicious croissant or the sharp crunch of a delectable puff pastry.