September 2014

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French styled cakes Baking French-styled cakes is an art and a science and not something that can be mastered very easily. But once you have practiced and honed the skill, you will find that it’s a fairly simple proposition. The success of French-style baking lies in acquiring the best possible ingredients- the freshest eggs and very high-quality flours & sugar and ensuring that you are using the purest butter – As a matter of fact, that is the starting point of any good cake.

Ganache Chocolate

What is Ganache:

Ganache is a chocolate and cream concoction that can be found in different avatars in baked products. It’s essentially a French word and is used to describe a pastry icing, liquid coating or a filling.

The Ganache History

A large percentage of cooks believe that the Ganache is of Swiss origin and that it was their chocolate-making skills that brought it into existence. The first recorded mention of this liquid filling or coating was made in 1850;

French Pastry found in a Patisserie

Following the Trail of Pastries in a French Patisserie

French pastries are all the rage across Australia and there really are just too many to cover on this one page. They come in a variety of delicate delicious creations which are great with a nice cup of coffee, as a snack to tie you over before lunch or dinner or as a treat as you catch up with friends and family. With so many to choose from, let’s take a look at some of the more popular pastries that you are sure to find in a French Patisserie:

Different types of cooking chocolate When you are cooking with chocolate, one of the first decisions you have to make is to decide what kind of chocolate you will use. For cakes, a larger percentage of people use baking chocolate or semi-chocolate chips. The former will need an addition of sugar and it has a very dense texture and is easy to work with. If chocolate is the only ingredient; dark chocolate will be favoured over other varieties. But there are a number of other types of chocolate to choose from such as: