October 2014

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A plate of Buttermilk Sconese Scones are made somewhat like biscuits... They have a very flaky and delicate texture which is a result of the very careful cutting-in of the butter; not to mention the very light hand that is used to mix-in the rest of the ingredients. Many people make them with traditional Zante currants, but the recipe can vary from one bakery and home, to the next.

Yummy Banana Bread Bananas were probably one of the most modest fruit available and probably one of the most unappreciated ones as well. But now, the current has changed and the banana tidal wave has hit the baking world. Of course, there are still some countries in the world that will cold shoulder this fruit and not even recognise it as one. But Australia welcomes it with open arms and Banana Bread is one of the most popular baked products in the country today.

Healthy treats for kids parties The National Health & Medical Research Council in Australia has now come out with some new guidelines that childcare agencies will have to follow with reference to hygiene rules. Among all the changes, there is also a ban on blowing-out candles on any communal birthday cake. The suggestion is that parents should send separate cupcakes on which the candle can be placed. This avoids germs from being blown over the cakes.

Yummy cake with chocolate icing There are sometimes in life when we all find ourselves confronted with some very serious questions. And in seeking the right answers, we might just go through a highly-defining moment or two. Talk of chocolate does that to you and if that chocolate is in a cake and the icing that should go on top of it - the defining moment becomes an even more intense one. In order to make that chocolate cake look neat and good, we use different types of icing and in many cases, it’s also not just about cosmetics, it’s about flavour, texture and blend. But the fact is that there are a hundred different icings that you can choose from and for a creative baker, the sky is the limit!