June 2015

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French Wedding Cakes Just like French fashion, French wedding cakes are effortlessly elegant and chic and look glamorous and beautiful all at once. Traditionally, most French weddings are capped off with the sensuous croquembouche. However, the world is evolving and so are people's preferences and apart from croquembouches, you will find a number of decorated wedding cakes that become stunning centrepieces too. Here are some popular French wedding cakes.

Sausage Rolls The sausage roll may seem and look humble, but it's a delicacy that is enjoyed by people of all classes with an equal amount of zeal- it is truly a quick & easy lunch option. So what exactly is the sausage roll? It's typically sausage/sausage meat or even regular minced meat that's wrapped in a puff or flaky pastry. This makes it's a little heavy on the calorie front - but then when food speaks straight to your palate and satiates your hunger - why complain about a few calories?