July 2015

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Finger food A wedding is a very special event and you will want to have the best of everything including the venue, decorations, flowers, music, lighting and food. In most cases, it's the food planning that takes very long a great deal of detailing goes into it. Once you start researching, you will find that there are a large number of options to choose from; one of the major decisions you will have to make is whether you want a formal and elaborate sit-down dinner or prefer something more informal.

Mille-Feuille Cake Literally, Mille-Feuille translates into "A thousand leaves". This refers to the multitude of layers that a puff pastry has. Traditionally, Mille-Feuilles are made up of 3 layers of puff pastry (pâte feuilletée). This is then alternated with 2 layers of smooth pastry cream (crème pâtissière). In some cases, this may be substituted with jam or cream. The topmost layer of the pastry is then dusted carefully with confectioner's sugar.

Black Forest Cake While black forest cake recipes can vary to a great extent, in most instances, a Black Forest Cherry Torte or the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (as it's called in Germany) is a Gateau-style chocolate cake or a sponge cake that is completely soaked with Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps). It's also filed with whipped cream and cherries and will be filled and topped with chocolate shavings. Traditionally in Germany, cherry schnapps is a mandatory ingredient in the black forest cake, which can't be legally sold if it's made without it.

Patisserie Equipment for Beginners It is said that a good carpenter can create masterpieces with the most basic tools and that a bad carpenter always blames his tools. Though this may be the case when it comes to carpentry, baking is altogether another matter. Baking is an art that is based on precision of technique and perfect timing and of course, even beginners who are learning to bake will need to have some basic equipment to get them going.