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Gluten-Free Cakes – How to Bake for all Kinds of Cake Lovers

Anyone who has been told that they have celiac disease is always on the lookout for gluten-free food products and many wonder whether they would be able to bake any of their favourite cakes again. It’s heartening to know that it isn’t that difficult to bake delicious and scrumptious gluten-free cakes and other goodies. As […]

Butter Substitutes in Baking – How to Retain the Taste without the Fat

Butter is the one of the primary ingredients in baking. Most people hold the firm belief that their crusts and pastries won’t be as soft and flaky without butter. Baking, unlike cooking, is very precise. Any guesswork and you might end up with a failure of a dish. However, butter is full of saturated fat […]