December 2015

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Tips for Eating Healthy this Christmas Season Everyone is a little guilty of overindulging during Christmas. There are so many sweets, cakes, drinks, and cookies around that most people forget a healthy diet for a while. After Christmas has passed, most are dismayed to see their weighing scale swinging the wrong way. Christmas binging is nothing new and the holiday weight gain is a common phenomenon.

how french pastry baking changed in the 2000s Several years ago, French pastry was a steady, unchanging world. People found comfort in the familiar, well-loved flavours, and didn't want it to change. The pastry chefs were similarly restrained in their approach to pastry; they didn't want anything to change and stuck to their roots. For several years, while other branches of the culinary world evolved, experimented, and grew, the world of the pastry chef remained the same.