January 2016

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How much should you spend for a wedding cake A wedding is incomplete without a wedding cake. No matter how much money you want to spend or save, a wedding should have at least one cake that the newlyweds can cut to celebrate their union. Unfortunately, the traditional multi-tiered cake that's pictured above can burn a nasty hole in your pocket and cost well over a couple of thousand dollars. Now, if your wedding budget doesn't permit this, you don't need to worry. There are cakes out there that would fit every budget and taste. All you need to do is look and plan. At Ganache Patisserie, we've put together this brief guide.

A Guide to Seasonal Fruits in Australia Australia is a country with plenty of natural produce. The land and the climate is great and diverse, allowing for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to be grown here. Every season there's something fresh and new, unique to those months, available in the market. With such diversity, you don't really need to consume or use off-season fruits that have to be imported from other areas.