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How to Make your Own Custard – Vanilla Custard Recipe

Homemade custard that complements an apple pie or a steamed pudding is an excellent comfort food. While you will find a number of packaged versions, those can’t hold a candle to custard that’s made from scratch. This is the basic method of making homemade custard. Here is a vanilla custard recipe and some variations.

Tips for Catering Your Birthday Party – How to Get the Wow Factor

Regardless of the kind of party you are organising, the food becomes one of the most important considerations. Luckily, our country has a number of culinary trends, all of which are creative and distinctive in their own way. When you are organising a birthday party, you want the food to be just right and will […]

5 ideas for Kids’ Novelty Birthday Cakes

A novelty cake is just that- it’s a novelty; it’s unique and distinctive and it catches attention. While many people like to have novelty cakes for special occasions like anniversaries and milestone birthdays or graduation parties, these cakes lend themselves very well to kids’ birthday parties. It’s because they are so imaginative and colourful and […]