July 2016

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Most novice bakers are highly reliant on eggs in their baking and it's true that these impart a very fluffy and rich texture to their cakes. The one thing to keep in mind is that eggs aren't crucial in creating a delicious, fluffy cake. When it comes to baking an eggless cake, it's a lot about chemistry that relies on a mix of leaveners (baking soda & baking powder), as well as vinegar, to lend a beautiful lofty, airy rise to the cake.

For anyone with celiac disease, the biggest challenge is obviously to find foods that are gluten-free. It's not uncommon to see people scouring the supermarkets for foods that have zero gluten content. After some time, many also find that all this becomes too much of an effort and they just end up forgoing a number of foods such as bread and other baked goods like cakes and pies.

Anyone who has been baking for some time is sure to have heard someone they know say to them that they love the look of fondant, but that they just can't stand the taste. But fondant covered cakes look amazing and it's probably their aesthetic appeal that continue to boost their popularity - you will see fondant-covered cakes at weddings, birthdays and what have you.