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how to work skillfully with edible lace for cakes

How to Work Skilfully With Edible Lace for Cakes

No wedding is complete without some lace embellishments. Sure, brides are now opting for wedding gowns with cleaner lines and very little lace and decoration themes at weddings are also undergoing a sea change and becoming sleeker with no frivolity like lace. However, nothing is more classic and quintessentially “weddingy” than a cake decorated with […]

3 Ways to Perfectly Fill Cupcakes

Most novice bakers have a tough time honing their cupcake-filling skills. While you can always add cream icing and fruit toppings or any other decorations to your cupcakes to make them more delectable and attractive; it’s also amazing to bite into a soft cupcake to find the hidden treasure of a superbly-flavoured filling. Here we […]

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