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5 ideas for Kids’ Novelty Birthday Cakes

ideas for kids' novelty birthday cake

A novelty cake is just that- it’s a novelty; it’s unique and distinctive and it catches attention. While many people like to have novelty cakes for special occasions like anniversaries and milestone birthdays or graduation parties, these cakes lend themselves very well to kids’ birthday parties. It’s because they are so imaginative and colourful and after all that’s the way children are too!!

There is no doubt that if you have a particularly unique and delicious novelty cake for your child’s birthday party, it will take centre stage and become the point of discussion for the duration of the party and well after that too. Here are our 5 picks for kids’ novelty birthday cakes:

#1 Pull apart turtle cake

Turtles are adorable and many children love them. You can create a flat chocolate cake base and ice it with black brown icing (like earth). That becomes the setting on which your turtle cake will sit. What’s unique about this cake is that it’s made entirely of cupcakes, but doesn’t look like it. And so when your little one’s done cutting the cake, you won’t really have to slice up the rest of it. You simply separate the cup cakes and those become the individual servings- ingenious isn’t it?

#2 Rainbow coloured rattle cake

This is truly a fun cake. It’s distinctive, colourful and a whole lot of fun to make and the kids will love eating it too. You can choose a cake base you like- either a classic chocolate (which kids love) or a sponge or even a Bundt will do. You cut creamed layered cake pieces in the shape of an “s”. Use chocolate frosting and then stick either Smarties or M&M’s all over it, in patches of different colours. In fact, you can get your kid involved to help you with sticking the M&Ms too.

#3 Caterpillar cake

These caterpillar cakes are adorable and you will enjoy making them. These are also made of cupcakes. All you have to do is make cupcakes (or buy them; try to ensure they have different coloured paper moulds). Push the cupcakes together using different coloured frosting and simply position gummy worms for legs. You can make antennae using small lollipops and you have a fantastic novelty cake delectable to the last bite.

#4 Dino cake

Many children love dinosaurs and it’s possible to make a simple 2-layer dino cake. Use a sponge or devil’s chocolate cake as the base and cover it with layered fondant. Build a theme with different coloured grass. Use cupcakes (large and small) to build the frame of the dino and cover that in blue/green fondant. Decorate it with fondant spots of a different colour and attach spikes on the back.

#5 Loch Ness Monster cake

This monster is immensely cute and endearing and amazingly simple to make. You only need to create a rectangle base sponge cake and frost it with light blue and white frosting (like it was water). Take some more sponge cake and shape it into long semicircular tubes- that will be the body of the monster. Build the neck and head and cover all of it in fondant of the colour your kid likes. Shape some of the fondant to create depressions for the gum ball eyes.

These are just a few of the kids’ novelty cake ideas you can use to create mouth-watering cakes that are a feast for the eyes too. If you find that you don’t have the time to make these creations, Ganache Patisserie is here to cater to all your novelty cake needs.

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