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5 ways to Come Up With a Fun Novelty Cake Design

A fun and creativity novelty cake design

Novelty cakes are about cake art and it’s an excellent way of offering your guests a fantastic looking and yummy treat. What’s even more important is that novelty cake design creates a fantastic focal point for the food space at any party.

But you don’t have to stop at one. If you like a little bit of drama at your food table, you can also opt for a few smaller novelty cakes to complement the look of the main piece. They act as an ice breaker and when you order them from a good bakery- will taste just as good as they look. Here are 5 ways you can come up with fun novelty cake designs:

#1. Dip into Your Creativity

Novelty cakes have a whimsical appeal and today, there is an influx of television shows that feature some of the best bakers across Australia baking the most stunning cakes you have ever seen. But the great thing about novelty cakes is that you don’t really have to be a professional to create them. With a little bit of creativity and baking knowledge, even a novice can bake some tantalizing, interesting and whacky novelty cakes

#2. Read the Right Books

You will find a number of books that are authored by credible professionals in the field and these give detailed instructions about how you can bake fantastic novelty cakes right in your kitchen. You will find the actual recipe for baking the cake, but very importantly, you will find decorating tips that can be very useful in your own creations. Sure it needs a certain amount of practice, but you will need a certain measure of patience as well

#3. Scope Cake Design Galleries

You may have some great cake design ideas, but if you want to create something really unusual, you may find that zeroing on the right design concept is the most difficult bit. First draw some sketches on paper and then modify them based on your baking and decorating skill levels. Look at cake decorating books- physical ones as well as online and get inspired by the pictures and concepts

#4. Get the Party Started

One of the best ways of sourcing inspiration for your novelty cake is to use the theme of the part in its design. If the party has a Hawaiian/ Tropical theme you can make a cake with the ocean, a palm tree and a shark. For an animal theme, have barnyard animals or jungle animals in a forest setting

Seasonal themes are very popular too. In the winter- have a cake that is shaped like a snowflake, or a leaf and flowers for a spring theme. If you have a tiered cake, have one season concept on one layer of the cake. If you are focusing on an individual’s personality, try to get in the concept of a hobby that the person has.

#5. Honing your Skills

This is probably one of the most important aspects of novelty cake design. Buy different decorating products and practice on small cakes. Use these cakes in your home or gift them to friends and ask them for their opinion about the taste and the design of your creation. Try to incorporate those suggestions and hone your skills as you go along.

Keep an Open Mind

Novelty cake design is a lot about artistry and in many cases; it’s a lot about the way you perceive the people and the world around you. Before long you will see that ideas and concepts flow into your head and you will be able to create very unique designs. Even as you do all of this, ensure that you focus on the taste and the flavouring as well as the texture of the cake.

At the end of the day, once the design of your novelty cake has been admired, it also has to be eaten and the guests will co-relate the taste to the look of the cake and that is what will stay in their minds for a long time to come. Last, but not the least, have fun with baking your cakes, and that passion you have for baking will be reflected in your novelty cake design creations.

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