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6 Novelty Cake Books to Help you Get Baking

6 Novelty Cake Books to help you get Baking

Many people can cook, but very few can bake. This is because the latter requires creativity, skill, an urge to learn, practice and very importantly- a whole deal of patience. As a matter of fact, it is the last 2 factors that become very important in learning how to make novelty cakes.

And so, even if you have a bit of a creative streak and are eager to learn how to make novelty cakes, it’s great to have some guidance. There really are a range of novelty cake books that can help you get baking; but here are 6 which you may want to buy.

Novelty Cake Books we Recommend for You

#1 Children’s Birthday Cake Book

Women’s Weekly Cookbook’s Children’s Birthday Cake Book is one of the best cookbooks ever written. The one reason the Women’s Weekly is so widely read and followed is because the recipes that feature in it have been tried & tested by mums and even people without any formal training can easily follow them.

The Women’s Weekly Cookbook was first published way back in 1980 & has sold in excess of half a million copies. The famous cakes that feature in it have been recreated in thousands of kitchens across Australia.

#2 The Novelty Cake Book

The Novelty Cake Book by Lindsay John Bradshaw is a great book to learn novelty cake baking from. Most cake decorators, novices and professionals end up baking novelty cakes at some time or the other. This may be for competitions or for their clients. This book is very elaborately written and there are step-by-step instructions, fillings & cover ideas and the right ingredients that are required etc. It also talks about cake construction techniques that are a part and parcel of novelty cake design and creating effects with paint and texture.

#3 Cadbury’s Chocolate Novelty Cookbook

Cadbury’s Chocolate Novelty Cookbook by Patricia Dunbar is a book that is full of novelty cake design ideas. This is actually a collection of novelty cake ideas, biscuits & party-set pieces and is an interesting read that gives insight into the art of baking. This book aims at providing inspiration and there is a wide selection of novelty chocolate cakes that have elaborate decoration such as the ones that are expected at feasts and elegant anniversaries.

In addition, there are a number of fun ideas like Treasure Chest, Mushroom Manor and a Calculator. There are colour photographs and clear instructions for every recipe. Helpful tips and line drawings make the book more informative and interesting.

#4 Cartoon Cakes

Cartoon Cakes by Debbie Brown is a fantastic book that features 18 cakes- all crafted to look like the best-loved and well-known cartoon characters from Warner Bros, including The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and of course Scooby Doo.

These cakes cater to a number of different skill levels and there are beginner level cakes as well as some for expert bakers and designers. The unique style of baking that Debbie Brown follows is an amazing display of sugarcraft and cake decorating skills and it truly brings life to the world-famous Warner characters.

#5 The Birthday Cake Book

The Birthday Cake Book by Fiona Cairns is a fantastic book that has stunning themed creations which are perfect for memorable, special occasions. It has 52 delectable recipes and there are 61 cake decoration ideas. She is also the creator of the amazing cake at the Prince of England- William and his bride Kate Middleton’s wedding, in 2011.

This particular book eases the reader through the complete process of baking & assembling fascinating cakes. They are colourful, unique and inspirational and the book is a must-read for someone who is interested in luxurious novelty baking.

#6 Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids

Zoe Clark, the internationally renowned cake-decorator, made a foray into the kids’ cakes domain with her beginner-friendly and accessible book. Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids is a superb collection of 12 easy-to design novelty cakes. There are simple instructions from one of the most notable sugarcraft teachers the baking world has seen.

The Best Resources

You will find a number of online resources and may try to learn via them. Many well-known authors have penned books on novelty baking, but it’s a little different when you have a physical book on your kitchen table- with all the pictures, detailed instructions and tips to help you along the way.

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