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6 Wedding Cake Trends to Look Out For in 2015

6 Wedding Cake Trends to Look Out For in 2015

A wedding cake is always one of the most high-profile aspects of any wedding reception and is bound to be the No 1 item on a wedding menu. It will be displayed at the wedding reception, becomes the focal point of the food area and guests are always eager to get their share of the delectable treat.

As a rule, wedding cakes are never simple, though that trend is also changing nowadays. Couples in Australia are now getting increasingly demanding and are asking for uniquely-designed cakes that have interesting flavors and are looking for designs that are unconventional too. The cakes will still have to be beautiful and stunning, but what couples are now focusing on is the taste. A wedding cake will have to now be much more than a mere decoration- it has got to taste good too.

Changing Tastes

Every year sees new trends emerging and the New Year is just round the corner- take a look at 6 wedding cake trends that you can look out for in 2015:

Buttercream Cake

This is one of the latest styles and has made a triumphant comeback since the 1980’s. The difference lies in the techniques that are being used and wedding cake bakers are piping in patterns, scraping the buttercream and adding attractive-looking fresh flowers on the decoration

The Underdressed Cake

Also called the naked cake, this is an emerging trend. Not one that is very popular yet, but you can see these cakes making an appearance at a number of weddings. This cake has very little or almost no frosting and has a very “earthy” or “rustic” feel to it. They will have a very thin layer of buttercream that is scraped-off. This leaves a large surface of the cake open and lends it a bare look. These could be tiered cakes with fresh flowers and fruits added as decorations

Fresh Dessert-styled Cake

These could be honey & cream cakes or ones with berries and even Macaroon towers. Many have a certain amount of alcohol content like traditional fruit cakes do. Dryfruits are added for good measure and all these great-tasting ingredients add to the flavor and texture of the cake. These could have almond-flavoured buttercream on them as well

Chalkboard Cake

This one is quite a newbie on the wedding cake scene but one that might just make it to the top trends of 2015. It is essentially a plain cake that is black-grey in color and vows and personal messages can be written on the cake. White edible paint can also be used to paint an attractive design on the cake

Chocolate Cake

This is still quite a popular cake and can be made in a number of different styles. With the naked buttercream cakes making an appearance there is a possibility that the same trend might catch on with chocolate ganache cakes. The turned/scraped Ganache looks good on a cake too

Sequin/Gold Glitter Cake

In 2014, gold and glitter made a comeback on wedding cakes and the prediction is that it will continue to be quite a hit in 2015 as well. Gumpaste/sugarpaste flowers can be air-brushed with some gold colours. If you have a tiered cake, one of the tiers may be in a gold color and the rest of the cake may have a lot of decorative flowers on it

In Evolution Mode

As you can see, wedding cake styles are continuously in evolution mode, some trends from the past make a reappearance while some simply fade away and wait to make a comeback some other day. A number of brides now prefer a certain amount of French influence for their wedding and you will find a number of treats like Croquembouches, crepes and macaroon.

Deriving Inspiration

But even as trends change, and fashion and colour concepts of cakes change, it’s important for you to stay true to the identity you create for yourself. You can derive inspiration from other people’s work, but a novelty cake designer will always be someone who makes something unique and interesting. Offer your clients ideas that have just the right amount of traditional and contemporary cake concepts that will appeal to anyone who looks at them and savours them.

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