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tips to perfect your lamington-making techniques

8 Tips To Perfect Your Lamington-Making Techniques

Lamingtons are a quintessential Australian dessert and almost every resident of this country has consumed it at least once in their life. Lamingtons are often made during birthday parties and celebrations and are consumed at tea time as well. Food researchers generally agree that these were created in Queensland, though New Zealanders claim that they created the dessert. Regardless of the origins, Lamington is very popular in both countries but it’s not very easy to make. Here are some tips that can help:

#1 Get As Much Aeration as You Can

If you want the sponge in the Lamingtons to be light and fluffy, you need to beat the eggs and sugar well. You should beat the mixture until it’s very pale in colour because that ensures maximum amount of bubbles in the eggs. More bubbles will create a softer, lighter texture in the sponge.

#2 Don’t Overmix

It’s very easy to go overboard when you mix the cake batter. If you mix it too much after you add the flour, you’ll remove all the air bubbles inside and make the batter too dense. That would create a dry and tough sponge that no one would like. It’s important to maintain the aeration that you incorporated to the mix; so gently fold the batter until everything is properly mixed.

#3 Trim the Sides

The cake will have a thin layer that’s less porous than the insides because it’s exposed to direct heat in the oven. If you trim the sides and remove this layer, the cocoa mixture will soak the cake and penetrate deep into the sponge.

#4 Don’t Oversoak

The perfect Lamingtons are never soggy or gooey. They should have the right amount of moisture without being too saturated with the cocoa mixture.

#5 Add Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee-flavoured Lamingtons? You can add a teaspoon of instant coffee to your cocoa mixture to add a hint of that smoky coffee flavour to them. This would add a little bitterness to the dessert and lend them a touch of sophistication.

#6 Cutting Technique

Presentation matters, especially if you intend to serve Lamingtons to your guests at a party. It’s not easy to cut these little bite-sized cakes because of their soft and spongy texture. We recommend that you use a small serrated knife and a gentle hand to cut the pieces. Make sure the knife is sharp and use light sawing motions to cut. This would ensure the sides of the pieces are smooth and even.

#7 Keep the base Broader

Lamingtons are filled with cream and it can ooze out under the weight of the soaked sponge. A great way to avoid the problem is to cut in such a way that the base is broader and the top is narrower. This will ensure the top portion of the Lamington is light and won’t squeeze out the cream.

#8 Make the Lamingtons Early

If they’re not filled, Lamingtons can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months as long as you store them in an air-tight container. You can take your time to make them when you’re free instead of rushing through the preparation process just before a party of event. For example, if you intend to host a birthday party for your child on a Friday, you can make unfilled Lamingtons on the previous Sunday. This would help you avoid mistakes.

You can also store filled Lamingtons in the fridge for a few hours. Just remove them from the refrigerator 20 to 30 minutes before serving them to your guests. This will ensure that the cake is soft and flavourful. At Ganache Patisserie, we offer superb Lamingtons, novelty cakes and other delicious and scrumptious goodies.

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