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An Explanation of the famous Ganache Chocolate Cake

Bonjour! Didier Sockeel here from Ganache Patisserie in Castlecraig again.

Well today a little explanation about our famous ganache cake… ganache being our name. If you know what it means, it’s simple chocolate and cream. Boil the cream and boil the chocolate, and you have got your ganache. And ganache is what made this cake. It’s a version of, a French version, of your mud cake in Australia.

*** This is a transcription from the video above ***

Being a bit richer, because it’s got a lot of ganache throughout. Here we have a chocolate sponge, which is cut in three and soaked with Grand Marnier syrup and filled up with ganache cream, which is slightly whipped, add a bit of butter and fresh cream, therefore it’s a bit lighter. But on top, when it’s all finished, sit in the fridge and we glaze it. I will show you in a future videos how it’s done properly to get that nice and smooth finish.

This cake can also be used for birthdays and parties and such. It can be decorated however you want. Kids love it, as long as we don’t put too much Grand Marnier in it. And it can be decorated however you fancy – some chocolate decoration or any kind of thing that you might like.

But I’ll see you later for some more decoration tips.

P.S: We will be doing more of these videos where we review cakes and share a variety of baking tips with you to help produce delicious treats for you family and friends. We would love for you to check them out and let us know what you think and what you would like for us to record.

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