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An Overview of Quick Breads

Quick breads are types of breads that are fermented with baking powder & baking soda rather than yeast. They include biscuits, cornbread, muffins, scones, and loaf breads like zucchini bread or banana bread as well. The items can be baked instantly when compared to the long rising times that yeast breads go through, and thus, the term “quick bread.”

The Categories of Quick Breads

Quick breads are classified into two categories: ones that are made using batters & the ones that are made using dough. Cornbread, banana bread, muffins, and zucchini bread are all types of quick breads that are made using batter. Biscuits & scones are the types of quick breads that are made using dough.

Characteristics of Quick Breads

Standard characteristics of quick breads & muffins:

  • Appearance – Even contour with a rounded top. Includes a centre crack and has an evenly browned top & crust, with well-distributed portions of fruits or nuts.
  • Texture – Have a relatively fine crumb along with the uniform grain. Entirely free of large tunnels, and has a moist finish.

Types of Quick Bread Batters

There are three types of quick bread batters, they include:

  • Pour Batters – This type of batter usually has a think liquid consistency. They are great for making pancakes, waffles, and funnel cakes.
  • Drop Batters – This type of batter is much thicker, and needs to be pushed out of the bowl with a spatula. It is used for making muffins, corn breads, nut breads, and coffee cakes.
  • Dough – Quick breads can also be a dough that is dry enough to be slightly rubbed, rolled, and then cut into shapes. Sticky buns and biscuits are usually made with dough.

Mixing Methods for Quick Breads

These are the two primary mixing methods used while making quick breads:

  • Muffin Mixing Method – This is a fundamental baking technique that used for making several items like muffins, corn breads, pancakes, waffles, quick loaf breads, and coffee cakes as well. Using this method ensures that the quick bread remains fluffy & tender.
  • Biscuit Mixing Method – This method is used for making biscuits that are flaky & fluffy. The objective of this method is to reduce development of gluten, which keeps the biscuits light while creating layers in the dough for flakiness.

Baked Items Made Using the Biscuit Mixing Method

Even though this method is mainly used for making biscuits, it can also be used to make other flaky quick breads like scones. Both of these methods are designed to reduce gluten development as much as possible. Mixing both, the batter & dough in limited quantities is essential for creating light and tender quick bread.

Ingredients in Quick Breads

Quick breads can be made using several ingredients. However, most of them contain flour, oil or butter, sugar, eggs, baking soda or baking powder and salt. Liquid fats like vegetable oils are used for making quick breads made using the muffin mixing method, while the biscuit mixing method uses solid fats like butter.

A Few Things to Keep In View

Besides their flavour, quick breads are usually judged based on their texture, appearance & moistness. A muffin or a loaf should have rounded tops along with straight sides. The exterior should be golden brown in colour and entirely free of peaks. Quick breads typically bake with a break at the top. This is very common, as the top of the bread tends to set even before the bread has completed rising in the oven.

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