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Are You Using Your Cookie Press Correctly?

Learning how to use a cookie press isn’t a difficult task, all it takes is a little practice to get the rhythm right. Using this tool is one of the best ways to get cookies that are almost identical in appearance and size. But the fact is that homemade cookies have a certain character because they have some differences. It’s what makes them look pretty charming and delightful.

However, a cookie press can be used for making more than just cookies. You can use it to fill your cream puffs, devilled eggs or even to ice cakes and cupcakes. This tool is simple, yet it can help you make very neat iced decorations and cute shaped cookies. Not only will your baked goods look professional, but you will feel great serving them too.

Types of cookie presses

Most of the cookie presses that are available on the market today are manual ones. They use either a plunger system or a turning handle process to press out the dough. You will find that there are presses of different sizes with different disks and tips that can be used to decorate with icing. You will also be able to find electric variants of the press that come with an assortment of tips and discs.

Tips to use your cookie press

Once you have the kind of cookie press you want, you still need to master the art of using it to press out the perfect cookies. Here are some tips that can help:

  • It’s important to be patient while using the cookie press so give yourself some time to perfect using it. If you are just starting out with using this tool, read the cookie press manual carefully and allow plenty of time to set up. It’s also important to allocate enough time with gathering the right recipes and keep some time for clean up as well.
  • Ensure you use only the cookie press recipes – this is important if you want the press to work right. The dough will need to be of a certain consistency; it needs to be soft. You will find there are a lot of recipes available online but avoid adding things like raisins and nuts as they don’t press.
  • Do not reuse the baking sheet. The pressed dough needs to adhere to a sheet in order to form properly. It’s best to use a baking sheet and always avoid using parchment paper.
  • Remove all the air from the press, this will bring the dough or the icing much closer to that tape or the disk. Whenever you fill the shaft, continue pressing down while you add the icing or dough.
  • Hold the press flat on your baking sheet and do not drop the batter or tilt the tool. The only way you can get the cookie go to adhere to your baking sheet is to use even and consistent pressure.
  • It’s also very important that you don’t overload the cookie. Sometimes even the spaces between the cookie cut-outs can easily bake and fill out to create delicate-looking cookies. It’s important that the pressed cookies denote their shapes after being baked. If you load them, you won’t get the shape you expect, and all you will get is a round cookie.

When you start out on this effort you may find that your cookies aren’t exactly as nice looking as you expected them to be. Sometimes they may also have a very dragged look. All you have to do is scrape the batter off your baking sheets, return it to the bowl and try expressing the dough again.

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