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Australia's most iconic desserts

A Brief Introduction to Australia’s Most Iconic Desserts

When it comes to spending leisurely moments, people in Australia prefer to organise BBQ parties rather than spend time baking. However, the county has a rich heritage of traditional sweets and desserts; most of these use very simple and easily-available ingredients (such as chocolate & jam, sponge and cream), that were commonly used in the […]

leftover chocolate

8 Smart Ideas to Use up Leftover Chocolate

Chocolate has a universal appeal and kids and adults alike enjoy it in various forms. It is used in a range of desserts and baked goodies, and when the holiday season sets in, people across the country pull out their chocolate dessert and candy recipes to create outstanding delicacies that can tantalise the most discerning […]

artisan bread

What’s So Special About Artisan Bread?

The word artisan is often used with food items like bread, cheese, and even butter but very few understand what it actually means. If you ask someone you casually meet, they’ll tell you that artisan bread is special, flavourful bread that tastes better than your general supermarket ones.

the origins of the pavlova

The Origins of the Pavlova

Pavlova is one of the most popular and widely consumed desserts in Australia and New Zealand. There have been passionate debates about where this dish originated from because Australians consider the dessert theirs while New Zealanders claim that they created the first Pavlova.