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Basic Tools For Making Sugar Flowers

Cake decoration is an art that has to be mastered over time; it takes a great deal of practice to perfect the technique of using gum paste florals that are a very essential aspect of many cake designs. Aside from creativity, skills, time and patience, you also need the right tools to make sugar flowers that will add to the attractiveness of your cake. Here is a list of some tools that are a must-have when you are making sugar flowers.

#1 Modelling Tools

Some of the most basic tools you would need to invest in are:

  • Veiners – used while etching ‘veins’ into leaves & petals
  • Ball tools – used for ruffling petal edges

Each of these tools can be purchased separately; however, it’s best to buy the entire set. While you may not need all the tools at one shot, over time you are sure to end up using them for some cake design or the other. If you aren’t conversant with creating gum paste flowers, you can also check online videos or join a cake decorating class to learn the basics of gum paste flower decorating.

#2 Celboard and Foam Pads

You will also require a Mexican Foam pad and a Flower Foam Pad. The latter can be used for ruffling petals and other general use. The Mexican pad can be used to create floral bodies that are in the shape of Mexican hats. You just have to roll the gum paste out over the hole on the pad and create a flat piece that has the distinctive peak that a Mexican hat has and this becomes the flower’s fluted portion. The Callboard is made of hard plastic and has linear grooves all along one side – this helps create the vein down the leaves and petals and you can insert the floral wire in this vein.

#3 Fondant Rolling Pin

The fondant rolling pin another essential tool you would need for making sugar flowers. These can be bought with/without the removable guides at the ends. These rubber-bands like ends help in rolling any straight-edged fondant and you can use either of these rolling pins for the job.

#4 Paintbrushes

When you are making flowers, you will need three different types of paint brushes – the fine tapered ones can be used for adding dots of colour while the flat ones can be used to add colour to the petal’s edges; larger brushes can be used for overall dustings. You should also have some general brushes for any other extra work.

#5 Floral Tape and Wire

Once you get better at creating floral sprays, you will also require things like floral tape and wire. The latter is available in a variety of gauges and wires and if you want stronger wire, but the plastic-coated one rather than one that’s covered with paper.

#6 Petal Cutters

Most bakers learn to make roses before they try their hand at making any other flowers. You can either buy individual rose petal cutters or 5 petal cutters. For any other flowers that you need to make, you will find a wide range of flower petal cutters on the market.

In addition to these things, you would also require tylo glue and powder, veneers for adding texture to leaves and petals, a cutting mat and cake dummies, colourful dusts and tints as well as scissors and pliers. These are the basic tools you would need to get you started on your sugar flower making efforts.

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