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braid pie crust

The Best Way To Braid Pie Crust

Braiding pie crust is a great way to create a unique-looking pie. However, it does take a considerable amount of practice to get it right. Here are some tips that can help you avoid common mistakes and start on more solid footing with braiding pie crust:

Things To Focus On

#1 Good Quality Dough For The Pie

Start with good quality pie dough. It should taste good and be sturdy and strong. It’s never a good idea to compromise on the quality of the dough. You can make homemade pie crust prepared with a mixture of shortening and butter, which holds its shape wonderfully. Always use cold fats. If you are baking during the summer months, start with some cold flour. Place the bowl of flour and salt in your freezer for half an hour before adding all the fats.

#2 Roll Out The Pie Dough

Place some parchment paper on the kitchen counter and slowly roll out your pie dough. Start at the centre of the dough and slowly work your way outward in all the directions. Make sure that you turn the dough at regular intervals as you roll it. If you find that the edges are developing cracks you can simply smooth them out with your hands and fingers.

It’s a good idea to use parchment paper as it allows you to you lift up the dough very easily and place it on your baking sheet. You can also use it to place the rolled out dough in your refrigerator. The dough needs to be cold as it’s almost impossible to braid pie dough that’s either warm or at room temperature.

#3 Cut The Dough Into Thin Strips

You can use a pizza cutter to make thin and even dough strips. While thicker strips will result in messy-looking braids, thinner ones are more likely to tear. One of the best ways to avoid both of these problems is to ensure that the strips should be between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch thick.

#4 Braid Your Pie Crust

Take three strips and meld the tops by pressing them together and start braiding. Follow these steps until you have the number of braids you need for your pie.

#5 Decorate the Pie

Use all of the braided strips to decorate your pie. It’s very easy to create a lattice design using these braids.

Tips To Create The Perfect Dough Braids

  • Make sure that all of the pie dough that you aren’t working with, is placed in the refrigerator. This is exactly why it makes sense to roll it out on parchment paper. It allows you to lift the parchment easily and place it on your baking sheet or in the refrigerator as required. As mentioned earlier, if the pie dough is at room temperature or warm, it will be impossible to braid.
  • Braiding takes up quite a lot of pie dough which makes it necessary to have some extra on hand.
  • It is important that you pick up the ready braids with two hands because they are quite fragile.
  • While you are braiding the dough keep some flour on hand. Dust your hands and the work surface with it intermittently.
  • If the strips tear while you are braiding, you can simply meld them back together easily using your fingers.
  • Give yourself sufficient room to work in the kitchen.
  • Brush on some egg wash over the surface of your unbaked pie. For added crunch, you can sprinkle some sparkling sugar on top.

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