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Buttermilk Scones, Softer than Silk

A plate of Buttermilk Sconese

Scones are made somewhat like biscuits… They have a very flaky and delicate texture which is a result of the very careful cutting-in of the butter; not to mention the very light hand that is used to mix-in the rest of the ingredients. Many people make them with traditional Zante currants, but the recipe can vary from one bakery and home, to the next.

It is a Seasonal Wonder

In many cases it is season-specific, and strawberries, raspberries, peaches or blueberries may be used in place of the currants. The same dough that is used to make Buttermilk Scones can also be used to make a delicious cobbler topping/biscuit for fantastic berry shortcakes. Only the cold-hearted will be able to resist a scone that has just been pulled out of an oven.

If it’s not been freshly-baked it won’t tempt your taste buds. This is exactly why you might find that it’s easier to pass up a scone in a patisserie or coffee shop. You might find that a lot of commercially-made scones are very cakey and dry and only the very good bakers will ensure that they set out only as many as they need and then make a new batch only when the they start running out of the first one.

What makes a good Buttermilk Scone

A good scone can truly be a pleasure to eat. It has a slightly-crisp exterior and a very tender inside with a light flakiness that is attributed to all the butter that is generously rolled into it. If all these elements are present in the right measure and texture, you will find a scone irresistible. The buttermilk is what makes them special and lends them flavour and tenderness and the butter too does its bit; some bakers tend to make them a little sweeter than the others.

The Secret: If you are making scones at home and have run out of buttermilk, fret not. Simply use 3/4th-cup of plain yogurt & 1/4th-cup of milk instead.

Shaping your Scones

The dough is simple to make and it comes together very well in a matter of minutes. A skilled baker should not find it difficult to have a fresh batch in the oven at regular intervals. Another important aspect about scones is their shape. Some like to make them look very prim and proper while the others prefer to give them a very rough-finished and rustic look. Very frankly, the latter look a lot better.

But most places have the cookie cutter variety and you may find these in round or triangular shapes. The rustic-looking ones can simply be made by breaking up the dough into almost equal-sized balls and dropping them onto the baking sheet. There is no kind of cutting and rolling, but the final product has a distinctive personality without any adverse impact on the taste.

The Honest Buttermilk Scone

Another important fact about scones is that honest ones do not have any exotic-looking and smelling ganache or sugary icing all over then. They stand tall on the basis of their freshness. And so if you have been lucky enough to enjoy a scone straight from an oven; you might have to try very hard to look for a commercial baker who knows the secret to the making the perfect scone.

Having said that; well-made scones will keep well in an air-tight containers for 1-2 days. But it’s best to serve them the day they are baked. So try to look for a baker who knows how scones are meant to be baked and served and you can have your fill of them anytime you want.

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