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Cake Trends of 2016

We’ve moved into 2016 at a clipping pace and bakers (novices and professional) are curious about which cake trends would make it big this year and be able to hold their own till we ring in 2017. Our experts at Ganache Patisserie have put together a few themes and cake trends of 2016 that they feel will manage to stay steady through the year.

Deconstructed cakes

This particular style made an appearance on the cake scene in 2015 and it seems to be going strong this year too. In this style, edible flowers and fresh fruit, candy, chocolate shards and a drippy ganache is used to create a very sophisticated and stunning style that isn’t very difficult to achieve. You don’t need an art degree to be able to create this one and you’ll find that no special tools are required either.

Watercolour fantasy

This was another 2015 trend that managed to get a stronghold this year too. These cakes are squishy and soft and have fantasyland colours. It’s possible to create distinctive shades using colour gradients – these cakes have become the perfect addition to the wedding & party planning scene. The watercolour look can be created by swirling it into the buttercream or painting it on fondant.

Cakes with rings around them

Flowers have always been an important part of cake decoration, in one or the other form; and these have always been in step with the trends in flower bouquet styles. In the recent past, the trend has moved to a more gathered and loose style versus the flower clusters that were preferred earlier. Today, many cakes sport rings of gum paste leaves, halos of intricate piped buttercream flower and bands of fresh flowers around the base of tiered wedding cakes.


Most patisseries followed the pastel colour shade trend for a large part of 2015 and many weren’t surprised that the softer shades like baby pink & powder blue are still in vogue. In fact, some of this type of styling is used in combination with other trends such as floral, buttercream and watercolour etc.

Buttercream proves to be a winner

While it was common to see buttercream cakes in 2015; this year, cake designers are trying to reinvent the style. The rustic buttercream textures have been nudged into the shadows by fresh and bolder designs and textures. Many experts feel that this style is going to be experimented with; and that off-shoot styles of these will continue to make a splash well through to the end of the year.

Rock and stone inspired cake designs

Cake designers have always borrowed from nature while creating new and innovative cake design themes; but no one would have been able to predict the trend that’s edging its way into the cake design space; cake designs that are centred on rock and stone elements.

These reflect jewellery and home décor trends that are seeing the use of agates and geodes. Today, the effect of these natural stones is being achieved via mediums such as chocolate, gum paste and fondant. These ‘strong’ textures are used as anchors for cake designs that are based on more airy and light themes.

Reinventing the cake wheel

While many of these concepts and themes will see their way into 2017, some will simply fade away, while others will don a different avatar as they will be reinvented by ingenious cake designers. We at Ganache Patisserie are completely in sync with these trends and like to create some of our own as well. We have a variety of goodies and french cakes ranging from fondant cakes to buttercream ones and more.

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