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How to make the best meringue Meringues are crumbly, sweet, airy and delicious to the core. There are three types of meringues - the Swiss Meringue, the Italian Meringue and the French Meringue. Of the three, the latter is the simplest to make and the most popular too. In comparison to the Swiss and Italian methods, the French method results in a shatteringly light and crisp meringue while the other two are more dense & candylike.

Black Forest Cake While black forest cake recipes can vary to a great extent, in most instances, a Black Forest Cherry Torte or the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (as it's called in Germany) is a Gateau-style chocolate cake or a sponge cake that is completely soaked with Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps). It's also filed with whipped cream and cherries and will be filled and topped with chocolate shavings. Traditionally in Germany, cherry schnapps is a mandatory ingredient in the black forest cake, which can't be legally sold if it's made without it.

Sausage Rolls The sausage roll may seem and look humble, but it's a delicacy that is enjoyed by people of all classes with an equal amount of zeal- it is truly a quick & easy lunch option. So what exactly is the sausage roll? It's typically sausage/sausage meat or even regular minced meat that's wrapped in a puff or flaky pastry. This makes it's a little heavy on the calorie front - but then when food speaks straight to your palate and satiates your hunger - why complain about a few calories?

The Savoury Beef Pie Recipe and History An Australian meat pie is essentially a hand-sized pie that largely contains minced or diced meat and gravy. It may also have mushrooms, onions or cheese and it's popularly consumed as a take-away food snack. The savoury beef pie is very similar to the U.K's steak pie. On an average, Australians consume 12 meat pies annually and they are a popular food choice while watching Australian Rules football.

The Quiche Recipe Today, quiche is recognised as a classic dish of the French Cuisine, but its origins lie in Germany. It was first made in Lothringen the medieval kingdom that was under German rule. Later, it was the French that named their classic dish Lorraine. The actual word "Quiche" comes from the German word "kuchen" which means cake.

The French Meringue Recipe A meringue is a meringue is a meringue- Well not really! Were you aware that that there are 3 basic techniques used in making meringues? And that they individually originate from distinctly different European traditions? The differentiation lies in the extent to which its egg-white foam is heated and the stability that the meringue has. As mentioned, there are 3 basic styles in which meringues are made- Swiss, Italian and French meringues.