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Chocolate has a universal appeal and kids and adults alike enjoy it in various forms. It is used in a range of desserts and baked goodies, and when the holiday season sets in, people across the country pull out their chocolate dessert and candy recipes to create outstanding delicacies that can tantalise the most discerning taste buds

Anyone who has been baking for some time is sure to have heard someone they know say to them that they love the look of fondant, but that they just can't stand the taste. But fondant covered cakes look amazing and it's probably their aesthetic appeal that continue to boost their popularity - you will see fondant-covered cakes at weddings, birthdays and what have you.

Black Forest Cake While black forest cake recipes can vary to a great extent, in most instances, a Black Forest Cherry Torte or the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (as it's called in Germany) is a Gateau-style chocolate cake or a sponge cake that is completely soaked with Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps). It's also filed with whipped cream and cherries and will be filled and topped with chocolate shavings. Traditionally in Germany, cherry schnapps is a mandatory ingredient in the black forest cake, which can't be legally sold if it's made without it.

The Classic Ganache Recipe The word Ganache is one that appears a lot in dessert recipe cookbooks and though we all know it has chocolate in it, there is very little clarity about what the difference between just plain melted chocolate and a ganache is. The latter is essentially a mix of cream and melted chocolate and is used to glaze desserts and cakes. It can also be used as a filling in cakes or to make chocolate truffles.

Yummy cake with chocolate icing There are sometimes in life when we all find ourselves confronted with some very serious questions. And in seeking the right answers, we might just go through a highly-defining moment or two. Talk of chocolate does that to you and if that chocolate is in a cake and the icing that should go on top of it - the defining moment becomes an even more intense one. In order to make that chocolate cake look neat and good, we use different types of icing and in many cases, it’s also not just about cosmetics, it’s about flavour, texture and blend. But the fact is that there are a hundred different icings that you can choose from and for a creative baker, the sky is the limit!

Ganache Chocolate

What is Ganache:

Ganache is a chocolate and cream concoction that can be found in different avatars in baked products. It’s essentially a French word and is used to describe a pastry icing, liquid coating or a filling.

The Ganache History

A large percentage of cooks believe that the Ganache is of Swiss origin and that it was their chocolate-making skills that brought it into existence. The first recorded mention of this liquid filling or coating was made in 1850;