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tea party themed cakes

Tea Party Themed Cake Ideas

If you like hosting a tea party and like baking, chances are you like to include some delicious baked goodies to your tea party spread. It’s always fun to organise classic tea parties on occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays etc.

3 Ways to Perfectly Fill Cupcakes

Most novice bakers have a tough time honing their cupcake-filling skills. While you can always add cream icing and fruit toppings or any other decorations to your cupcakes to make them more delectable and attractive; it’s also amazing to bite into a soft cupcake to find the hidden treasure of a superbly-flavoured filling. Here we […]

Creative and Simple Cup Cake Icing Ideas

Creating unique cupcake icing designs can sometimes be a chore; but then when you plan to have these treats at a birthday or any event, you want them to be attention grabbers; and it requires a certain amount of pre-planning, if you want to get it right. It might seem like a very small detail, […]

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