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How to make the best meringue Meringues are crumbly, sweet, airy and delicious to the core. There are three types of meringues - the Swiss Meringue, the Italian Meringue and the French Meringue. Of the three, the latter is the simplest to make and the most popular too. In comparison to the Swiss and Italian methods, the French method results in a shatteringly light and crisp meringue while the other two are more dense & candylike.

how french pastry baking changed in the 2000s Several years ago, French pastry was a steady, unchanging world. People found comfort in the familiar, well-loved flavours, and didn't want it to change. The pastry chefs were similarly restrained in their approach to pastry; they didn't want anything to change and stuck to their roots. For several years, while other branches of the culinary world evolved, experimented, and grew, the world of the pastry chef remained the same.