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Patisserie Equipment for Beginners It is said that a good carpenter can create masterpieces with the most basic tools and that a bad carpenter always blames his tools. Though this may be the case when it comes to carpentry, baking is altogether another matter. Baking is an art that is based on precision of technique and perfect timing and of course, even beginners who are learning to bake will need to have some basic equipment to get them going.

Top 10 Patisseries in France France is the birthplace of the patisserie concept and it's no surprise that its choc-a-bloc with them. You will find a patisserie every 100 yards (and that's no exaggeration). The simple fact is that the French love their pastries and so every place that sells them will have its steady patrons. Though there are hundreds of pastry shops that deserve a mention, we are only going to look at 10 of the most popular patisseries in France.