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Christmas Goodies to Make With Children

Mark the days before Christmas with some amazing and easy-to-make holiday sweets. While you are busy creating superb goodies for the holidays, kids tend to get a little naughty keeping you on your toes all the time.

Why not involve them in making some Christmas goodies well before Santa arrives?

Christmas goodies to make with children

Kids can really have loads of fun decorating some of these treats and when they are busy with you in the kitchen that also keeps them away from mischief. Here are a few simple, tasty and fun holiday goodies you can make with your little ones:

#1 Gingerbread House

This is an all-time favourite. Whip up a few jars of festive popcorn, make your own crackers and craft some adorable edible decorations for a gingerbread house. Let your children use their imagination with decorating the house. You’ll be surprised at how creative they can be.

#2 Stained Glass Biscuits

Use melted boiled sweets to create a unique stained-glass effect in the biscuits. While you can definitely set them on a table, they also serve as a great Christmas tree decoration. You’ll need various 7cm shaped cutters, as well as a 4cm cutter to neatly cut out all the windows in the biscuit centres.

#3 Peanut Butter Cookies

These are essentially iced biscuits that also make beautiful placeholders for your Christmas table. In fact, you can also use them as personalised gifts for your children’s classmates. Simply ice all the cooled cookies and then decorate them with Smarties or coloured sprinkles. Get the children to write their names on them using icing pens. You can also make some extra icing in different colours, and spoon that into a small piping bag that has a fine nozzle.

#4 Mellow Mincemeat

This is great for kids, and there’s plenty of stirring needed! You can use it for an easy pudding by rippling it through ice cream or use it for mince pies. It isn’t uncommon for kids to dislike mincemeat, because the strong flavour can prove to be too intense for them. You should get them to help you make a version that has fruit incorporated into it, with no cooking required at all. This means you can include your kids in the entire process.

#5 Gingerbread People

Iced gingerbread people are truly a fun project and kids of all ages enjoy making these goodies. They are a great gift for teachers and friends just before the end of the school term. You can get your kids to decorate the people using coconut, nuts and dried fruit. This treat not just looks great but is nutritious and healthy too.

#6 DIY Cookie Jars

These are amazing and thoughtful personalised treats that can be used as presents. Get some pretty jars and then carefully layer them with all the dry ingredients required for a cake or cookie recipe. Then use a pretty ribbon to tie a card around the neck of the jar. Make mention of the instructions on the card so they can be turned into delicious cookies by the recipient.

#7 Snowy Chocolate Crackle Biscuits

Roll chocolate balls in fine icing sugar to give them a beautiful crackle effect. They are great gifts for children to make during the Christmas holidays.

Aside from these, you can also try Christmas pudding cake pops, favourite biscuit cupcakes, bourbon biscuits or even a giant jam tart. In fact, as mentioned at the start, let your kids get as creative as they want to be.

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