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australian christmas desserts

Classic Yet Modern Australian Desserts For The Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to don an apron and start rustling up some delectable desserts to complement all those delicious holiday goodies at the dinner table. Here we look at some iconic Australian Christmas desserts, with an interesting twist:

Classic yet Modern Australian Christmas Desserts

#1 Raspberry And Peach Pavlova

Since we have warm Christmas’ out here in Australia, it’s best to give the heavy pudding a miss. Pav never goes out of style, especially if you make it using some seasonal fruit. Use peaches or raspberries or any other berries, to create an exotic treat during Christmas.

#2 Mango, Blueberry, And Praline Trifle

Consider creating a trifle with sweet mango, fresh berries or any other seasonal fruit really. Add some crunch to it with homemade praline.

#3 Nougat Pavlova

Try making a nougat with various nuts & honey. It tastes delicious with meringue.

#4 Barbecued Pavlova Topped With Whipped White Chocolate

The barbecue and Pavlova are very apt for summers in Australia and combining them in a dessert is theee way to go. Your Pavlova will get an amazing smokiness that adds a distinctive flavour to the dish.

#5 Passionfruit & Spiced Peach Pavlova

Regardless of which other desserts you make during Christmas, a pav is something you just can’t omit. But you can get creative and make it with different ingredients such as spicy yet sweet peaches, crisp meringue, and smooth whipped cream. We guarantee you will wow your guests with this one.

#6 Amazing Chocolate Trifle

While regular trifles are quite predictable, this one is a class apart. Simply layer chunky brownies, rich mousse, dulce de leche and creamy mascarpone and you have heaven in a glass.

#7 Lemon curd and Mango Pavlova

A marshmallow-cantered Pavlova with ripples of lemon curd on the outside can definitely give a traditional lemon pie a run for its money.

#8 Christmas Pudding With Toffee-Cranberry Sauce

This is a traditional pudding but with sticky toffee sauce. It truly is the ideal finale for your Christmas celebration.

#9 Dried Apricot Pavlova Slathered With Apricot Curd

In an Australian summer, the Pavlova is a classic presentation. It’s sweet and light and has seasonal fruit toppings. But try serving it with apricot curd and apricots and you’ll know what dramatic desserts are all about.

#10 Pavlova With Salted Caramel & Berries

Try adding salted caramel and mixed berries to a large Pavlova. It will be a stunning centrepiece for at your Christmas meal

#11 Spiced Cherry Compote Pavlova

Add spiced cherries and a generous topping of passionfruit for a modern twist to a traditional Pavlova.

#12 Peach And White Chocolate Trifle

Trifles are a dessert that is perfect for sharing with family and friends. Try combining white chocolate and peach with your chocolate trifle and see it flying off the plate at your Christmas feast.

#13 Butterscotch Sauce & Spiced Pears With Chocolate Pavlova

Use a triple-layer chocolate Pavlova oozing with butterscotch sauce, spicy poached pears, and creamy mascarpone. It’s definitely s showstopper that can wow the most discerning palate.

These are just some of the interesting desserts you can try your hand at this holiday season. But why not just unleash your creativity and baking skills and create something that’s uniquely you? You can experiment with different ingredients, fruits and flavours and summer is the perfect time to do this.

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