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Creative and Simple Cup Cake Icing Ideas

Creating unique cupcake icing designs can sometimes be a chore; but then when you plan to have these treats at a birthday or any event, you want them to be attention grabbers; and it requires a certain amount of pre-planning, if you want to get it right. It might seem like a very small detail, but knowing how you are going to decorate your cupcakes will ensure you don’t get stressed at the last minute.

If you are making these for smaller events, you may just want to focus more on detailing and fondant work; however, if you are creating these for a larger event, keeping the designs simple yet impacting is the best path to choose. Here are a few simple cupcake icing ideas you might want to try out for your next batch:

Fondant covering/flat ice

In this, you completely cover the top of the cupcakes with buttercream. You then smoothen this over with a rolled-out fondant circle on top. It’s a great way to get a very smooth surface that you will find easier to work on. Most people find working with buttercream very tedious because it can get quite messy and sticky. If you like extra decoration on your cupcakes, these flat ice cupcakes may be just the right option for you.

Tip: When you use this particular method, you don’t really get a silky smooth buttercream that most people love. The one way to get over that hurdle is to core the cupcakes and squeeze some tasty frosting into them. These cupcakes fit in perfectly at large corporate events as they do at wedding receptions.

Fondant topper discs

This is the perfect way to personalise your cupcakes. You can get as creative as you like with the decorations. For instance, you can paint a birthday message on smooth fondant discs and then paint the edges of the discs in glamorous food paint.

Tip: The best way to ensure that the discs don’t droop or lose shape is to make them a few days ahead of the event. These should be left to set or dry on any flat surface. Adding some tylo powder to them will quicken the hardening process.

Fondant characters & figures

You can add an element of fun to the cupcakes by topping them with handmade characters and figures. It’s perfect for themed parties and children’s parties.

Tip: Making fondant characters can be quite challenging, especially of you are a novice at it. That’s why you should sketch and plan, and also practice making them a few days before the event. It will help you hone your fondant character and figure-making skills.

Edible printing

It’s easy to acquire edible printed toppers that are made from wafer paper/sugar icing sheets. You can use these to finish your cupcakes. While some people buy edible printers, others just prefer to buy frozen discs from online stores or baking product stores. It’s an easy way to embellish cupcakes for birthday parties or even for corporate events and private parties.

Tip: At times, these edible toppers tend to look a tad simple. Addition of a few simple details such as piping royal icing borders around them or adding candy, coloured sprinkles, sugar pearls etc. to them is a great way of adding the interest quotient to your cupcakes.

As you can see, sometimes making something unique is less about spending too much time and effort on it, and more about using your creativity and resourcefulness. At Ganache Patisserie you will always find stunning displays of various cupcakes and specialty cakes, fit for any occasion. We have a variety of goodies ranging from fondant cakes to buttercream ones and more.

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