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Cupcake Frosting and Colouring Techniques

The very first step of decorating cupcakes is deciding which type of frosting to use. Frosting adds a very attractive look to cupcakes and your kids or guests will be tempted to reach for more than one. Here are some interesting cupcake frosting and colouring techniques:

Cupcake Frosting Techniques

  • Butter Frosting – This is a very easy and quick cupcake frosting and is a mixture of powdered sugar, milk and butter and works amazingly well on cakes and cupcakes.
  • Buttercream Frosting – This is a classic frosting made with butter, eggs or egg whites and sugar. It isn’t as sweet as butter frosting and has a silky-smooth texture that allows it to be piped beautifully and spread easily.
  • Ganache – Another easy cupcake frosting that is a mixture of melted chocolate and whipping cream. Cool the ganache and then spread it over the cupcakes evenly or dip the cupcakes in warm ganache for an attractive, silky-smooth glaze.
  • Cream cheese frosting – This frosting is largely used as the topping for red velvet cake or carrot cake. However, it can also be used for chocolate cake, apple, and spice frosting. The creamy, tangy concoction can be easily swirled into peaks or spread over the cake. Cupcakes that have been topped with cream cheese frosting need to be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Creamy white frosting – Another popular option, this frosting is similar to butter frosting but is made with vegetable shortening rather than butter. It’s ultra-white in colour and can be very easily tinted to take on beautiful hues. The shortening makes it fluffy and very easy to pipe & spread. You can easily turn this into a vegan frosting by replacing the milk in the recipe with either soy/almond milk.
  • Powdered sugar icing – This is a thin mixture of milk & powdered sugar. This icing can either be drizzled over the cupcakes or simply dip them in this delicious frosting. For a thinner frosting just add some milk to the mixture and to make it thicker, add some powdered sugar to it.
  • Canned purchased frosting – If you are short on time, canned frosting is the ideal alternative to a homemade frosting. You can choose between whipped and creamy varieties and a range of flavours as well. The creamy version can be used as a coating or glaze after warming while the whipped variant is used for swirling and spreading. Both these types of frosting can be piped and tinted.

Colouring and flavouring tips

White and butter frostings can be flavoured to complement your party theme and the cupcakes. Here are some tips:

  • Colouring– Use gel, liquid or paste food colouring to colour the frosting as required. Food gel and paste colourings can be extremely concentrated and its best to use a very small amount. You can either stir in a few drops of the colour or twirl it into the frosting using a toothpick.
  • Flavouring – Look for extracts such as almond and vanilla, raspberry, banana, rum and peppermint in the bakery sections of the local grocery store or supermarket. Orange peel, lime, lemon can be added for a citrus flavour.

Once you have frosted the cupcakes, add fresh fruit, sprinkles, fresh fruit, candy or other garnishes such as nonpareils, thin strips of liquorice, edible food-colour spray; granulated sugar, edible glitter and edible food colour spray add shimmer or colour to frosted cupcakes. For a kids birthday party add gumdrops & jellied candies, taffy-type candies or candy-coated chocolate spheres to the frosting.

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