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Different Savoury Pastries to serve at a Party

(Below is the video transcription)

Hi. Bonjour! My name is Didier Sockeel from Ganache Patisserie. And today we’re going to talk about savoury pastries – all the stuff you can have for parties, weddings, birthdays. But mostly the serving size.

So we made a lot of different pastries. Little party pies, the normal Aussie party pies made from our local butcher here where we get local meat supply. There is pastry on the top and bottom, and we make our own mix of coarse meats, carrots and tomatoes.

We also have what you call the typical French quiches. They come in many different flavours. There is quiche Lorraine which is diced ham with spinach. We’ve got onion– blue cheese and onion which is very, very nice. We’ve got mushrooms, pumpkin and feta and leaks as well. So that’s one.

Another one which is quite popular as well and very easy to eat with a glass of champagne in your hand is the famous cheese stick. The cheese stick is made with parmesan and shredded cheese. A bit of mixed herbs. All you have to do is warm them back in the oven for 5 or 10 minutes and they’re nice and crunchy as if you made them fresh right at home.

And the most famous one that the Aussie guys like a lot is, I would say, sausage rolls, which is also made from the meat from the local butcher. It’s our own coarse meats. We just have some mixed herbs and garlic and a bit of fennel. And we do some little sausage rolls. We fill them up with a bit of puff pastry that is also homemade, and we cut them up in little pieces. All you have to do, as I said, is to put them on trays and they’re ready to warm up. And put them on a tray and dip them in tomato sauce or whatever filling you like.

And you can make this array of pastries on your own buffet as you like. Okay. Enjoy, and bon appetit.

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