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A Basic Guide to Different Types of Artisanal Bread

Real handcrafted breads have four main ingredients in them – wheat flour, yeast, salt, and water. In some cases, sourdough may be used instead of yeast as a leavening agent. Flavourings such as spices, herbs, nuts, fruit, and cheese may also be added for variety. What sets an Artisan bread apart from run-of-the-mill bread are the techniques used in making it.

Artisan breads – different types

Country loaf

This round and crusty bread is perfect for creating a generous Bruschetta. Simply toast it and enjoy with any of your favourite ingredients. It has a distinctive porous texture which makes it ideal for serving with dinner or lunch. It complements foods with sauces, dried meats and cheeses very well.


This French bread is iconic. These thin, long loaves of bread have been made for centuries in France. Some form of steam is required in the oven while baking this bread as it allows the crust of the brad to expand before setting, which helps create a much lighter loaf. It also lends the surface of the bread a glazed appearance. Baguettes are best consumed within hours of baking.


This is specialised, heavy bread that can be temperamental and demanding; no yeast is used to make this bread and lactobacillus culture is used as a starter instead. When compared to yeast-based bread, sourdough has a very distinctive, sour and tangy taste, primarily because of the lactic acid that the lactobacilli produced.


The literal meaning of the word Ciabatta is slipper and the bread derives its name from its shape. This is an Italian white bread that’s generally used to make sandwiches. It’s humble looking, moist yet airy, delicious yet crusty and perfect for even the most discerning palates.

Mediterranean bread

This bread is typically made with French flour. Sundried tomatoes, red and green, dried peppers are used in perfect union with various herbs to create this perfectly delicious, truly Mediterranean style bread.

Walnut Cob

This highly specialised bread is made using a mix of dark rye flour, French flour, and malted flour; all these ingredients are used in the right proportion to create a malty-flavoured bread that’s full of walnuts. If you are looking for a gourmet bread to add to a dinner or lunch spread, this is the one.

Rye bread

This bread is made from rye grain flour and wheat flour. The colour of the rye decides how dense or dark the bread will be. Rye bread is very high in fibre compared to most other standard breads and has a very strong flavour too.

Walnut & Raisin bread

This is a unique bread that is a blend of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, wholemeal flour, oats and pumpkin seeds, raisins and walnuts. It’s extremely nutritious and has a very distinctive flavour too. It helps capture and dispose of fats in the digestive process. It goes very well with soups and cheeses and keeps well for two to three days.

Pain Brioche

It is considered a Viennoiserie and believed to have Norman origins. While it’s made like most other breads, it is richer in texture much like a pastry as it contains milk, eggs and sometimes some sugar too. Pain Biroche can be eaten with jam and honey and used to make French toast too.

There are a number of other artisan breads such as Seeded Stick, Pane Pugliese, Pain de Campagne, Organic Brown Bread, French Pavé etc. to savour.

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