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types of bread in Australia

The Different Types of Bread in Australia

Almost everyone loves bread, and many people also eat it regularly. However, ‘bread’ can mean different things in different cultures and places. Varied bread-making ingredients and methods mean there’s an entire world of breads to explore.

While it’s just not possible to list every type of bread there is in the world, here we take a look at the different types of bread in Australia that are quite popular:

  • Sourdough – This ancient bread is created by using naturally-occurring yeast and lactobacilli culture toferment the dough. Sourdough has a mildly sour flavourand keeps much better than many other types of bread.
  • Focaccia – This flat Italian bread is similar to pizza dough, but it contains olive oil. It can be used as a sandwich bread, and is often garnished with herbs, olive oil and salt.
  • Brioche – This rich French bread is made using eggs and butter. It is used in burgers, but it’s more buttery version is used for deserts.
  • Ciabatta – An Italian invention, ciabatta is a broad, flat and elongated loaf. Its texture ranges from a crunchy crust to a porous crumbly one. It’s quite popular in Australia because our country has a large Italian-Australian population.
  • English muffins – These are round yeast breads that originated in the UK. They can be eaten with fillings at breakfast or you can butter and enjoy them too.
  • Rye – An ancient staple way back from the Middle Ages, this bread is made especially from rye grain, which creates a darker and denser bread compared to bread made from wheat.
  • Soda bread – Baking soda is used in place of yeast as a leavening agent to make this bread. It’s a quick bread and popular in Scotland and Ireland. It’s also a part of traditional Serbian cuisine.
  • Tiger bread – Very popular in the Netherlands, this bread has a very distinctive mottled crust. Sesame oil is used to make this bread which lends it an amazing aroma.
  • Vienna – This is an Austrian bread made utilising a method that creates a denser crumb and slightly chewy. Egg, butter, malt powder and sugar are added to enrich the dough- the resulting bread is unique in texture and tangy as well.
  • Matzo – An unleavened flatbread, of Jewish origin, it is integral to the Passover festival. Five different grains can be used to make this bread – wheat, barley, rye, spelt or oat. The latter is usually available for people that can’t have gluten.
  • Bagels – These are found in many bakeries across the country, but aren’t as popular as they are in the United States. Bagels are chewy and dense and will generally have poppy/sesame seeds on the top. They are used as a sandwich bun or toasted and enjoyed with a topping or spread.
  • Lavash – This unleavened flatbread is relished either as a dried brittle cracker, or a soft wrap. It is a traditional food in Iran, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
  • Pita – This flatbread is also known as Syrian bread, Lebanese bread, and Arabic bread. Their unique pocket shape makes them very popular. They can be eaten half-filled or as wraps.
  • Naan – Aflat yeast-leavened bread, it originates from Central & South Asia. It’s generally served hot, to eat by itself or to scoop food.It can also be served as a wrap.
  • Tortilla – An unleavened flatbread, tortillas are typically made from corn dough. They are used to make different types of Latin American dishes such as, quesadillas, and tostadas, tacos and enchiladas.

You can try out these different breads to add variety to your holiday feast. At Ganache Patisserie, you will find fantastic breads and delicious croissants, layer cakes, cupcakes, pastries, sourdough and other baked goods for everyday consumption as well as for the holidays. We also have a wide variety of cupcakes for you to indulge in. Come; explore our scrumptious world of goodies.

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