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Different Types of Ganache to Use In Your Baked Goodies

To the untrained eye, ganache can appear like a very simple mix of just two ingredients, chocolate, and cream. However, there is a lot more science involved behind the scenes, to give you the perfect ganache mixture that won’t crack, curdle, separate, and become too firm, grainy or hard. This seemingly simple emulsification is a complex combination of chocolate and cream ingredients.

Ganache is a rich mixture made from boiled heavy pasteurized cream or any liquid and chopped chocolate. The temperature at which it is cooled and the manner in which it is mixed will decide what it is used for. It is possible to flavour ganache in a number of different ways, and you can also add various ingredients to it such as corn syrup for shine, butter for richness etc.

Different Types of Ganache

Once you have made the ganache it needs to be allowed to thicken before you can use it for anything other than just glazing. Some of the different types of ganache include:

Plain Ganache

Simply cover the ganache bowl with some plastic wrap, so that a film doesn’t form on it. Allow it to chill in the refrigerator to the point it thickens without becoming too firm. This will typically take up to an hour depending on the depth and size of the container.

You also have the option to set the mixture aside in the kitchen and allow it to cool at room temperature; however, this would take far longer than chilling it in the refrigerator. If you have refrigerated it, ensure that it is brought back to room temperature before you use it. You can do this by setting it in any place in your kitchen, and it’ll take approximately an hour to soften.

Ganache Icing

This frosting can be made by simply placing a plastic wrap on the surface of your ganache. It’s important that you store it that room temperature for about 1 hour based on the recipe you are using it. Do not place it in the refrigerator as it will just get too hard. Whip it using an electric mixer and add softened butter (1 stick), in phases. Keep the mixer running on low and add 2 cupfuls of powdered sugar very slowly at the side of the bowl, until the ganache is smooth. If you find it’s too stiff, just add some cream to it as required.

Whipped Ganache

This type of ganache can be used to make mousse, as a filling or for making truffles. Once you have made it, allow it to cool to lukewarm temperature. This will help it thicken faster, giving it a much better texture. Ensure that the mixture is soft before you start whipping it, or it will crack and curdle. Pour it into a mixing bowl and then whip it up vigorously either with the electric mixer or manually. Continue doing this until the emulsion has become fluffy and light and colour. It’s important that you don’t overwhip the mixture as it can become grainy. If you find too many grains in the ganache, reheat it in a double boiler and then strain it carefully

Ganache Glazing

You can pour ganache on cakes and let it set completely to an attractive smoothness and shine. This coating is a great way to seal in the freshness of the cake as well. Once you have made the ganache, cool it a little bit before you use it as a glaze.

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