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Essential Supplies You Would Need For Cake Sculpting

Creating sculpted cakes requires a significant amount of skill, creativity and practice. And while some people will argue that it doesn’t need much else than that, you do need good basic cake sculpting tools as well. Carving a beautiful stacked tower cake is undoubtedly a challenging task, but you can take some of the stress out of the task by using the right types of cake sculpting tools and turn your effort into a fun experience.

Cake sculpting tools – The must-haves

#1 Good quality, sharp knives

It’s important to have a well-chosen collection of good-quality sharp knives. You would need different sizes of knives for different sizes of cakes and different tasks. However, the basic knives you would need are:

  • 2 small sharp knives (one non-serrated and one serrated).
  • 1 medium non-serrated knife
  • 1 large, smooth-edged or non-serrated knife

While cleaning and sharpening the knives may seem like the logical thing to do, it’s not difficult to slip up and be lazy when it comes to cleaning and storing these tools, especially after you spent hours baking and decorating an elaborate cake. But keep in mind, that maintaining these tools well each time you use them, will ensure you have effective knives to use every single time and that you don’t have to spend extra money on buying a new set very often.

#2 A set of palette knives

If you are serious about cake sculpting, you can’t do without a set of palette knives. Get a few crank-handled palettes as well as straight-handled ones in small, medium and large sizes. With practice, you will find a way that works best for you and will prefer working with specific knives; but it’s important to have a good collection to start out with.

#3 Doweling rods

Depending on the design you are planning on carving, the cake’s structural skeleton need not be very complex. When you are carving a birdcage cake or a handbag cake, you should use a couple of doweling rods to provide some stability. It goes without saying that if your cake has a towering structure or is larger in size, it would have to be planned with more care and attention to detail.

#4 Turntable

A good turntable is crucial when you are sculpting cakes. The recommendation is that you invest in a good-quality turntable rather than an inexpensive one as this is the base on which your cake is going to sit; and it needs to be strong and stable enough to bear the weight of different sizes and weights of cakes.

#5 Fridge

A carved cake is far easier to ice when it’s been chilled as this allows the ganache or buttercream to set. This makes it easier to crumb coat the cake and then cover it with either fondant or buttercream.

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