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French-Styled Cakes that are a must Try

French styled cakes

Baking French-styled cakes is an art and a science and not something that can be mastered very easily. But once you have practiced and honed the skill, you will find that it’s a fairly simple proposition. The success of French-style baking lies in acquiring the best possible ingredients- the freshest eggs and very high-quality flours & sugar and ensuring that you are using the purest butter – As a matter of fact, that is the starting point of any good cake.

Let’s delve into the world of French-styled baking and see why it has become popular across the world. The cakes the French bake are heavenly and delicious to the last crumb and we are not being biased. Here are a few popular French-styled cakes that can satiate the most discerning palates:

Apple Cake

This is a simple yet delicious French cake which has almond powder for extra flavour & moistness. It’s a perfect dessert that can be served in a variety of ways, but it tastes delicious with ice cream or crème fraîche. If you prefer to stay off the heavy stuff, it’s equally delicious plain and can be eaten as a breakfast cake too. But the best way to eat it is when it’s warm and has just come out of the oven.

Baba au Rhum

Traditionally, this cake is baked with yeast dough but you can also replace that with baking powder and it will help in quick leavening. This very popular French dessert can be put together pretty quickly; it’s a variation of a classic rum cake and its taste and texture is what makes it interestingly different. It can be baked in a ring-mold and then topped with whipped cream for a treat that is amazingly tantalising. The rum-soaked richness will definitely make you reach for one slice after another.

If you want different versions of a standard shaped Baba au Rhum cake, you can use different moulds:

  • Baba Molds: These are also called darioles. These look like an oversized thimbles and are used to bake a number of things apart from Baba cakes.
  • Savarin Mold: This is one more favourite presentation. The Baba Au Rhum is put together in a snap and you don’t have to fuss with any individual servings. The typical savarin mold isn’t really very deep and the Baba cake cooks quickly in it.
  • Mini Bundt Mold: This is another favoured method of presenting Babas in France. These moulds are almost like large chocolate mold pans and again, these are used to bake individual servings and can be used to bake some very cute desserts.

Canneles Bordelais

These are very uniquely-shaped desserts. They are a French Version of a standard cupcake but with an interesting twist and have a very crunchy and caramelized exterior which hides a creamy crepe-like interior. These are typically flavoured with vanilla and rum. They originated in the French region named Bordeaux. When something comes from this region, it will be have the suffix Bordelais. These goodies are not for impatient bakers and a lot of planning goes into their baking. It’s a humble cake that’s made from a vamped-up crepe batter.

Chestnut Flour Cake

This is more of a Corsican recipe that is now considered to be more French, on account of the fact that the Mediterranean island belongs to France. The Chestnut Flour Cake has, wait for it… chestnut flour, which is very commonly used in Corsican cuisine and does not contain any gluten. Since, it’s made from 100% chestnut flour, the cake turns out soft and moist and it’s Gluten-free to boot, perfect for those with celiac disease. The chestnut flavour marries extremely well with almonds, chocolate, honey and hazelnuts.

Reine de Saba

This is essentially a Chocolate Almond Cake which is dense and moist on account of its almond content. Though there isn’t much of clarity from where this delicious cake got its name, it means; Queen of Sheba. It’s interesting because there really was no chocolate in existence 3,000 years ago.

French-Styled Cakes are Materpieces

All of these French-styled cakes are masterpieces in their own right, have a distinctive flavour and texture and can be eaten with a range of toppings and accompaniments. The fact that they have travelled across the globe to French Patisseries in countries including Australia goes to show exactly how delectable and taste-bud tickling they are.

Try a French Cake for yourself

If you would like to try a French cake or a particular pastry, come in and visit our French Patisserie in Castlecrag Sydney. We would love to help introduce you to our sweet and savoury treats and promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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