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Which French Cakes are Great for Weddings?

French Wedding Cakes

Just like French fashion, French wedding cakes are effortlessly elegant and chic and look glamorous and beautiful all at once. Traditionally, most French weddings are capped off with the sensuous croquembouche. However, the world is evolving and so are people’s preferences and apart from croquembouches, you will find a number of decorated wedding cakes that become stunning centrepieces too. Here are some popular French wedding cakes.

French Wedding Cakes

Spun-Sugar Croquembouche

This is a traditional French confection made for weddings- it has puffs of choux pastry which are assembled carefully in a cone-shape. Caramelised sugar binds together this tall assembly and makes for a stunning presentation. Today, a lot of patisseries are breaking rules and pushing the boundaries of traditional French baking; many croquembouche boast avant garde sugar work and you will see strings of sugar cascading down the sides of the cone.

There are poured sugar designs which add a very distinctive dimension & drama to this wedding cake. Most have impeccable and simple construction; but what makes this centrepiece so impressive is the fact that it reaches so high into the air. In some croquembouches, you will find beautiful sugar flowers that spiral down its sides and these add a very distinctive look to the elegant croquembouche encased in its fairy-like sugar strings.

Crepe Wedding Cake

Crepes are made from clarified butter, farm-fresh eggs and high-quality flour and a range of other ingredients. Though this cake makes an appearance at many French weddings, it’s very non-traditional and unforgettable. It can have 200-300 layers of crepe that create gentle ruffles and give it a very light and “floating” appearance. It’s buttery, sweet and golden and of course delicious to the last layer. It can have fillings ranging from Limoncello lemon curd and vanilla pastry cream to whipped cream with dark chocolate curls/shavings or dark chocolate pastry cream. Some crepes may have flower flavourings like lavender and the vanilla cream that is used in them may have a hint of lavender too.

Dark Chocolate-Wrapped Gateaux Tower

This delectable cake is made of mini gâteaux that are wrapped in dark Belgian chocolate and decorated with fruit and chocolate scrolls. Many of these gateaux-styled cakes will have fresh flowers in them. Some people prefer adding dark chocolate cigarellos or decorated flowers and the white chocolate version is very popular as well.

Pink Macaron Cake

Like the croquembouche, macarons are also very popularly used in French wedding cakes. These cakes could be either round or square and are almost always tiered. The tigers are covered with pink macarons (other colours can be used as well). Chuck Close-styled flowers in bold colours are also used for a stunning effect. In addition there are more delicate flower finishes that add to the French look.

Taking off from the same concept is the rainbow macaron cake. This is made of a cupcake tower which gets its French character from the tower of rainbow-coloured macarons. This cake too has a tiered shape which makes it look very much like croquembouche and adds to its formal flair, but the coloured macarons offset and balance out that formalness with a dash of fun and whimsy. Its traditional and contemporary all at once.

Classic Cigarello Cake

This is popular French–style cake. It could be made either with white or dark chocolate. It can have roses, which definitely add a touch of sophistication. The base could be a sponge cake while the decoration could be dark chocolate or white chocolate cigarellos.

White-Chocolate Cherubim Cake

This is a beautiful handcrafted cake which adds elegance and romance to a wedding. Traditionally, it has white chocolate cherubs, fans & roses and is finished with very light antique gold dusting. This Cherubim Cake can also be made in dark chocolate.

French Wedding Cake Magic

No matter which French wedding cake you choose, you will find all of them to be luxe and distinctive in every way possible. They are ornate and classic, simple and elaborate, could have gold chocolate flowers, dark chocolate plaques or fondant or even butterfly or flower cascades. The French sure know how to add magic to their wedding cakes.

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