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Going Bananas over Banana Bread

Yummy Banana Bread

Bananas were probably one of the most modest fruit available and probably one of the most unappreciated ones as well. But now, the current has changed and the banana tidal wave has hit the baking world. Of course, there are still some countries in the world that will cold shoulder this fruit and not even recognise it as one. But Australia welcomes it with open arms and Banana Bread is one of the most popular baked products in the country today.

A Family Favourite

This craze makes a lot of sense when you look at the fact that bananas are available throughout the year here, are consumed for their nutritional benefits and for the most part, are reasonably-priced too. Bananas are also the 4th biggest staple in the world right after rice, wheat & corn. Across the world and in Australia as well, cooks are foxed when it comes to trying to find ways and means of incorporating this fruit in their dishes.

And when the bananas turn squishy and brown, the cooks are in a greater quandary. And so, from all these challenges was born a dish that was ingenious, yet simple to the core… Banana Bread. And what a dish it was; Wholesome, tasty, and easy to bake and loved by young and old.

More that just the one type of Banana Bread

But there isn’t just one kind of Banana Bread, there are a number of variants. Those who want light textured bread prefer to use oil in the recipe while the ones who want a richer dessert will opt for melted butter. Raisins and walnuts might be used and so will cinnamon and honey. Some bakers will use pureed bananas while others will just mash it for added texture. Regardless of how it’s made, Banana Bread is starchy and sweet, soul food that is delicious to the very last bite.

The Religion of Flavour

The mix of flavours and textures that this bread gets is also laced with a hint of vanilla-citrus aroma which is delectable and invades your senses every time Banana Bread is being baked. In Australia, every household has their very own favourite and time-tested Banana Bread recipe. Australia prides itself on the Banana Bread versions that are baked in ovens across the country and it’s almost a religion here.

Have your Cake; and Eat it Too!

Most smart and well-planned bakers in Australia peel overripe banana chunks and then simply freeze them till the time they need to bake heap-loads of Banana Bread for eager patrons. It’s here that you realise that Banana Bread is actually a Bread and not a cake at all. And just like bread, it can be sliced and toasted to make the most deliciously lip-smacking and crumbly bread you have ever eaten.

And when it comes to how it has to be eaten, there really are no rules. Your style of adorning it and eating is becomes the rule. Try it with a pat of salty butter melting tantalisingly into its porous surface, or drizzle honey all over it. Have it with thin slices of bananas on the side or with raspberries if you like. Try it with maple syrup at the breakfast table or with a cuppa tea when you need a quick snack. Regardless of how you eat it – banana bread really is, heaven in a slice!

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