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how to work skillfully with edible lace for cakes

How to Work Skilfully With Edible Lace for Cakes

No wedding is complete without some lace embellishments. Sure, brides are now opting for wedding gowns with cleaner lines and very little lace and decoration themes at weddings are also undergoing a sea change and becoming sleeker with no frivolity like lace. However, nothing is more classic and quintessentially “weddingy” than a cake decorated with lace.

Of course, roses do vie for attention, but then the attraction quotient of lace is almost everlasting. No matter how many cake trends surface and vanish, lace decoration on cakes continues to be a highly sought-after style and design. If you are a professional, or even a novice baker, this is one skill you can’t afford to give a miss.

There are a number of ways in which you can get that stunning and sophisticated lace looks on your cakes. While there are numerous edible lace-making techniques and here are the three most popular ones:

Brush embroidery

All that’s required is a little royal icing and a piping bag & a regular paintbrush that you can acquire from any art store. These are the only things you need to replicate almost any type of lace pattern; and of course, you can create your own as well. This particular technique is used to decorate any upright cake surface and the final look is elegant and delicate.

Tips for brush embroidery

  • Use an angled, flat brush to carefully pull the royal icing. As you drag the brush across the icing, you will find it creates a stunning texture
  • You can check the lace fabric section at any craft store and pick up lace design ideas from there
  • You should also let your creativity run free and create your own unique designs and mesh styles
  • Practice makes perfect; and you should hone your edible lace making skills by trying out different designs on a piece of dried fondant


The time-tested mould technique is the commonest method of adding any lace design to a cake. The fine detailing you get when you use this particular technique is truly unmatched – use lustre dust and fine threads to bring out the true glory of these designs. The secret to getting a very realistic lace effect in this technique is to achieve the correct thickness of sugar paste, before you start moulding.

Tips for Appliqué

  • Use a good pasta roller that is exclusively kept aside for sugar work, and roll the sugar paste to the 3rd-thinnest setting (based on the brand of roller you are using)
  • Use some standard modelling tools just to skilfully tuck the edges into the mould – this will help get rid of all those scraggly edges and bring out the detailing in the mould
  • You can add finesse to the detailing by using plain pearl lustre dust or any other dust you prefer

Edible lace material

Without a doubt, this is a very popular method most cake designers use. In this technique, the liquid is carefully poured into a shallow lace mould and then kept aside top dry. This creates a stunning and realistic lace look. You can get long strips, beautiful patterns and very long-lasting, pliable lace (that you can easily store in an air-tight container for months)

Edible lace material tips

  • It’s important that you be patient and let it dry completely in the mould before you remove it
  • Adding a bit of gel colour while you are mixing the paste, is an excellent way to add accents to your cake
  • Be careful with the amount of gel colour you use, and add it a drop at a time

Once you learn how to make your own cake lace, you will find that it’s distinctly tastier & definitely more cost-efficient compared to using expensive mixes – and of course you can unleash your creativity and wow your family, guests or clients!!

At Ganache Patisserie you will find french cakes for all occasions, many that have been decorated with superb edible lace designs. Come and explore our delicious and scrumptious world of goodies and savoury treats.

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