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Why It’s a Great Idea To Include Sourdough Bread In Your Kid’s Diet

Many parents are lost when it comes to adding variety to their kid’s school lunchbox; the challenge lies in making something that is healthy and the child will relish as well. Sandwiches are a very easy and common, almost integral part of many a lunchbox; but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can make a delectable and healthy lunchbox by including artisan sourdough bread to it. Take a look at why it’s a great idea to include sourdough bread in your children’s diet:

#1 It satiates hunger

Kids tend to have huge resources of energy and are always running around, playing, participating in activities and games, reading, studying etc. and all of these become avenues of expending that energy. This is a good thing, but it also means they are constantly hungry and as parents, it becomes your responsibility to ensure they are well-fed.

When you pack them a sandwich made using sourdough bread, it will keep them nourished and satiated right through their school day. In fact, it’s also a great way of keeping afternoon sugar cravings (which are very common when they consume commercial white bread) at bay.

#2 There is nothing boring about it

It’s true that many children feel that a sandwich is a very boring and predictable lunch option; however, when you use artisan bread all of that changes. You will find that a good artisan bakery will have a wide variety of sourdough bread made of grains such as Quinoa, Soya and Sprouted Wheat. This adds the “change” and interest quotient to your kid’s regular sandwich. In fact, many bakeries also make artisan sourdough rolls as well.

#3 There’s no secret about what’s in it

When you source your sourdough bread from a good, artisan bakery, you have the assurance that the bread is baked fresh every single day, under hygienic conditions, with care and skill. They will typically use single-origin wheat and natural starter yeast that lends the sourdough bread its distinctive flavour and crust and a refined crumb structure. There will also be no preservatives used in it, and you know that you are giving your kids healthy and nutritious lunchtime sandwiches.

#4 It’s excellent for their gut

Making sourdough involves a lengthy and slow fermentation process; and fermented foods as we all know are very gentle on our bellies. Fermented foods allow your body to very easily absorb a variety of healthy nutrients such as magnesium and iron. It also helps break down gluten which makes sourdough an excellent option for people whose digestive system is sensitive to regular, commercial bread.

#5 Most kids love it

If you add variety to your kid’s lunchbox, you will find that it isn’t much of a struggle to get even the fussiest eaters to gobble up their lunches. Sourdough is delightfully flavoursome, which adds an interesting twist to even the most basic sandwiches and rolls. In fact, if you like baking, you can easily make your sourdough at home.

Look online for recipes and sourdough bread making videos to get you started on the right foot. Include your kids in the sourdough baking effort. It’s a great way of educating them about how healthy food is a lot about using the right ingredients. Most good bakeries and patisseries in Australia now have a few sourdough bread varieties on their shelves and you would be able to source all you need from these establishments.

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