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Vegan Cakes – Learn Which Ingredients to Use

Vegetarians eliminate all meats and poultry products from their diets and this means they stay away from seafood, pork, beef, chicken and similar foods. But vegans are a breed apart and they take the vegetarianism one step further. They avoid all products that are of animal origin and that means they won’t consume honey, cheese, eggs, milk etc. in their pure form and won’t eat anything that contains these products either.

In fact, vegans will also abstain from using any animal-origin products and consumer goods such as silk, fur, leather as well as cosmetics and soaps that contain animal by-products in them.

Being vegan limits the number of ready-made baked sweet treats they can eat because most products that are available on the market contain some form of animal products. Many people feel that they just won’t be able to eat any cakes, pastries, pies and other sweet treats at all since all of them contain some form of milk, cream, butter, eggs etc.

While it’s true that most conventional baked goods contain a certain amount of dairy products, there are certain ingredients that you can replace these with when making vegan cakes. You don’t have to quash your sweet tooth just because you are a vegan. Here is some information that will help you make the right vegan replacement choice of traditional ingredients in your baking:


Many baked products contain eggs, which sometimes makes it difficult to find a replacement that will be able to replicate their qualities. They are used to perform various functions in baking ranging from binding and thickening to providing structure and for leavening. There are some things that can be used as a replacement for eggs such as:

  • Flax seeds have to be hand-ground, mixed with water and used in place of eggs; they work well in muffins.
  • Mashed banana and silken tofu may also be used in place of eggs based on what you are baking. These work well for cupcakes and cakes.
  • Packaged egg replacers are available on the market and their main ingredients are generally tapioca starch flour and potato starch. When used correctly, these two ingredients can closely mimic the qualities of egg in vegan cupcakes and cakes.


Finding a milk replacement in your baked recipes isn’t difficult at all. Rather than using cow milk, simply use rice milk, soy milk or almond milk. While all of these have their distinctive tastes, they all work well for baking. You just need to experiment a bit to ascertain which one works well in each of your recipes. In fact, you can also get flavoured variants of these replacement milks; use that to your advantage to add specific flavours to your baked goodies.


Butter can be easily replaced with margarine which is commonly used instead of butter in all vegan recipes. Its texture, flavouring, and colour are all akin to butter but it’s made of vegetable fats rather than cream. Certain vegan cake recipes work well with vegetable oil or corn oil as well; one stick of butter needs to be replaced with about 1/3rd cup of oil. You can also get a little experimental and try prune puree in place of butter if you like; ½ cup of pitted prunes should be pureed with one 1/4th cup of water to replace a stick of butter.

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