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2018 wedding cake trends

The Most Popular Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

With 2018 on the horizon, the wedding season isn’t too far away either. And when a couple is planning their wedding day, the wedding cake is right there at the top of the priority list. Each year, skilled cake designers outdo themselves and unleash trends that will be carried through the wedding seasons at the start and end of each year. Let’s take a look at the popular wedding cake trends for 2018:

#1 The botanical touch

While it’s true that floral cakes have been around for a long time, the botanical cake designs that have now emerged on modern wedding cake are adorned with sugar flowers but are otherwise quite plain and sleek. These designs lean heavily on the use of flowers like silver ferns, roses, peonies, eucalyptus, chrysanthemums and more.

While these flowers lend a very elegant and attractive look to the cake, the rest of the design is simple in its colour and overall look. There is a distinct advantage to having a plain tiered cake – it gives you the flexibility to create unique floral decorations without having to worry about any of the other design elements. You can easily create large blossom wreaths or wrap colourful flowers around each tier without making the design look very busy or overdone.

#2 Gold is the way to go

Drip cake designs were quite popular in 2017 and it seems like this design concept will go strong in 2018 too. Decadent gold drips look casual and complement meringues, macaroons as well as florals. You can also team up roses and coloured macaroons with the drip design to add a unique touch to your wedding cake.

#3 The rustic look

Semi-naked and naked cakes will continue to trend right through 2018; they were one of the most requested wedding cakes in the latter half of 2017. While the cakes themselves may have a rustic appeal to them, they tend to have more refined and elegant decorations such as gold leaf, personalised toppers, large roses, and macaroons. The one way to get this look right is to focus on simplicity. The decorative elements should be concentrated on one side of the cake and kept to a minimum too.

#4 Glamorous pink

Pink is set to emerge as a major wedding cake colour trend in 2018 and wedding designers will pull out all the stops while creating these heavenly-looking pink cakes. Ice pink, blush pink, plum velvet and champagne pink are just some of the shades making an appearance on wedding cakes. The detailing on these cakes could be in gold, rose gold or copper which turn them into designer creations that look glamorous and gorgeous all at once.

#5 Metallic appeal

The other trend to look out for is the use of various fashion elements on designer cakes. The designers are now using metallic edible sequins & sugar pearls; these are being paired with sugar beading work, edible lace layering and brush embroidered royal icing to create cakes that look mesmerizing, light and superb in every way possible.

While you always have the option to choose the standard traditional designs, if you want something unique, you should consider opting for one of these trendy cake designs for your wedding. You can also mix-and-match the different design concepts and get your cake designer to create something that’s totally unique to you.

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