If you want to create scrumptious baked goodies, there are some must-have cake baking tools you should consider buying that will greatly enhance the outcome of all your special recipes. While some tools will be used more than others, what you use depends on what you’re baking so this list has been written randomly and in no specific order of importance.

7 must-have cake baking tools

#1 Accurate measuring tools

Precisely-made liquid & dry measuring cups are an excellent investment that will have a positive impact on your baking. Always buy the best quality tools; not only will they provide accurate measurements but will also last for a very long time, making them worth the money spent.

#2 Half-sheet pans

Invest in heavy-duty, commercial grade baking pans. The 18″ x 13″ pans work well for baking sponge cakes and brownies as well as for placing cookie sheets. You can also use them to effectively protect the ovens insides from dripping pies or even to catch ingredients that you sprinkle on cookies and cakes. In fact, you can also use them as trays for carrying ingredients around the kitchen when you are baking.

#3 Parchment paper sheets

You have the option to either buy cut sheets of parchment paper or buy a roll that you can cut as use as required. You will need this for making parchment cones, or even line cookie sheets with it. You can use parchment paper for sifting dry ingredients while you are rustling up some goodies. Once you are done mixing, you can pour out the ingredients directly into the measuring cup or bowl.

#4 Oven thermometer

You need an independent oven thermometer to know what temperature the oven is heating to. It’s not uncommon for ovens to be poorly-calibrated and that can play havoc with anything you’re baking. Buy a good quality thermometer that has a magnet and can also be perched or hung inside the oven.

#5 Silicon or rubber spatulas

While you can still buy rubber spatulas, ones made of silicone are flexible, colourful, and durable and they work beautifully well. These tools are great for scraping the last bits out of bottles and bowls, folding delicate ingredients together as well as for gently stirring items in pots atop stoves. Buy an array of sizes from extra-large ones that are ideal for handling larger quantities of foods and for folding egg whites; as well as smaller ones that can get into narrow-mouthed bottles and jars.

#6 Measuring cup – Shot-glass

This looks exactly like any standard shot glass; however, it has measurements printed on its exterior surface ranging from 1 tsp. – 2 tbsp. and millilitres measurements too. It comes in handy when measuring smaller amounts of liquid.

#7 Silicone pastry brushes

Old-fashioned natural/nylon bristle brushes used to hold onto colours and flavours and they shed as well. Now silicone brushes are the way to go. They don’t shed, hold colour or flavour and clean up very well in the dishwasher. They come in a range of sizes, but for your pastry kitchen, look for brushes that have delicate “bristles”.

In addition to these tools, you would also need a good set of palette knives, a pastry wheel for trimming fondant, whisks of different sizes and shapes, and a set of bench scrapers. You can use this for chopping nuts and scooping them into doughs and batters. These tools can be used to clear up the work surface after you are done with the prep work as well. By no means are these the only essential baking tools available, but are some of the must-haves.

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