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Novelty Cakes Need to Taste Great Too

Novelty Cakes need to Taste Great too

In order that novelty cakes look their part, it’s very important for them to taste great too. Now, party cake and wedding cake makers across Australia are also prioritising the taste and texture of the cake.

The decoration and embellishments are important too, but not at the expense of having a tasteless cake. If there is a filling, it has to be well though-out and well prepared and enough care has to be taken to ensure that the cake tastes fantastic and looks stunning too.

The Show-Stopper

This was not how it was until even a few years ago- This was especially true in the case of weddings where cakes had to look great and the taste factor always took a back seat. There would just be one layer of filling and 2 massive layers of cake and no one was complaining as long as the cake was a show-stopper. Today, bakers across the country agree that their clients are now very particular about the taste of the cakes they order.

People simply want more value for their money. The logic is that if they are paying so much for a novelty cake, it better taste as great as it looks. No one wants their guests to savour only the design of the cake and then talk about how unpalatable it was- That defeats the purpose of having a cake and bakers are now focusing on making their novelty cakes delicious and attractive.

Multiple Flavours

Everyone has different taste in cake flavors, but some people can’t really decide which cake they want. The solution is to have a cake with multiple flavors- This is easily possible as most novelty cakes like the ones at weddings are large. Having different flavors in one cake is the best way to satisfy the palates of the guests. And so, you may find tiered cakes that have chocolate, fruit/lemon drizzle and traditional jam and buttercream tiers and everyone enjoys what they are eating.

Customised Cakes

The basic idea is that the cake should be the talking point of the party or wedding and that it has to be something the guests are talking about, long after the party is over. All novelty cakes can be customised and a client can also give their own design ideas as required. For instance, if someone wants a specific family recipe used in the cake that is possible as so is the design concept.

The Right Recipe

Many cake artists live for their art of decorating cakes and may not really want to worry about the flavouring of the cake. But if you are learning how to make novelty cakes, the first thing you will have to focus on is how to make a great-tasting cake. If you have already been baking for a while, you are bound to have some fantastic recipes of your own; but it is important to understand that not all cakes are suitable for creating novelty cakes as the texture and the grain of the cake has to be able to hold up to all the cutting and carving that is an intrinsic part of novelty cake making.

Passion for Baking

You will find a number of novelty cake recipes and cake design concepts online and there are tutorials you can watch too. If you are keen on getting the art right, look for some good novelty cake books and practice real hard. As a matter of fact, baking is a lot about practice and requires a whole lot of patience. But it’s also about creativity and passion and a real love for baking. If you have the latter attributes in a certain measure and up your skill levels, you will be able to master the art of novelty cake making.

When Freshness Matters

The one way to get the taste factor right is to ensure that you use the freshest ingredients. No matter how excellent the recipe, if the ingredients are stale or not of a high quality, it will impact the taste of the final product. Use the best quality chocolate and flours, farm fresh eggs, the freshest fruits and the best butter available and see what a difference it makes to the way you novelty cake tastes. And then weave your magic and create stunning cake designs around that great-tasting and great-looking cake.

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